Post Cam4bucks Move Adjustments

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been some major changes on CAM4, most notably bringing over everything relating to earnings and payouts to CAM4 from Cam4bucks.

The move was not bug-free, but the vast majority of the cases are now resolved and we’re still working hard with the performers who have remaining issues in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

This included payment processing issues, incorrectly reported earnings, as well as issues with getting verified.

In a particular case, some tokens were incorrectly added to available earnings during the transition. While this was quickly noticed, some took advantage before we could intervene.

Upon finding the error those tokens were removed but as a portion of these tokens had already been used to tip, gift, or otherwise transferred, they also had to be removed from the accounts they had been transferred to.

For transparency purposes, we are marking these your Performer Dashboard under Insights > Adjustments.

We apologize for the inconvenience

The CAM4 Team

Studio Accounts

To open a studio account please go to and register your account

What Is Cam4 Twitter Connect?

CAM4’s Twitter Connect feature allows performers to live-tweet while they broadcast, making promoting their shows and getting more viewers easier than ever!

After integrating your Twitter account into Twitter Connect, you can tweet right from the broadcast window during a show – promoting your show to all of your fans and followers. 

Connect your Twitter to Cam4 today and make sure none of your followers are missing out! 

Do I need a Twitter account for Twitter Connect?

 Yes. In order to use Cam4 Twitter Connect, you will need an existing Twitter Account. You may sign up for a new account here

Is there a limit to how many tweets I can send while performing?

 There is no limit to the number of tweets you can send while performing, but a tweet may only be sent once every 10 seconds.

 Does Cam4 keep my Twitter password?

 No. Twitter Connect lets you sign in on a secure window that connects directly to Twitter, without risking your account.

 How do I set up Twitter Connect?

 You can set up Twitter Connect from your account options or directly from the broadcast window.

 1. Account Options

First, sign in to your Cam4 account in the top right corner of the site.

 Click on My Account.

 In the Menu on the left, select Edit Social Networks.

 Under Social Sharing, click Connect & Share.

Social Networks

Sign into Twitter with your Twitter username and password in the secure window that opens.

You’re connected!

2. Broadcast Window

Video Detected


From the Broadcast Window, click Connect & Share.

Sign into Twitter with your Twitter username and password in the secure window that opens.

You’re connected!

CAM4 Pornhub Channel FAQ

What is the CAM4 Pornhub Channel?

CAM4 has partnered with Pornhub to create a channel featuring edited recordings of cam shows from some of the top performers on CAM4.

Who will be featured on the channel?

Performers who have given us permission to record and edit their cam shows may be featured on the channel.

What do performers get for being featured on the channel?

The goal of the CAM4 Pornhub Channel is to help performers grow their brand and their audience by showing edited previews of their shows to Pornhub viewers. If your video is featured on the official CAM4 Pornhub page, your CAM4 username will be clearly stated and linked, bringing more viewers and earnings to your live shows!

How do I give permission to have my shows featured?

Just contact us at

Can videos of my shows be removed if I change my mind?

Absolutely. If at any time you want your content removed from the CAM4 channel on Pornhub, just send us a message and we will take it down.

Who will see the videos on the channel?

Viewers on Pornhub will be able to view the channel and any videos posted to it. Right now there is not a way to block countries from seeing specific videos on the channel.

Will the recording be used anywhere else?

These recordings will only be used for Pornhub. They will be watermarked with the CAM4 logo to prevent reproduction.

Will CAM4 keep the recordings?

The file sizes of recorded cam shows are huge and as result, so the original recordings will be deleted. The final videos we upload to Pornhub will all be stored in our secure database.

Who gets the ad revenue?

Ad revenue is not the goal of this partnership with Pornhub – our goal is to drive Pornhub’s traffic back to CAM4 and your profiles.

Can you tag my Pornhub profile or my Pornstar profile?

Absolutely. By tagging your profiles, your reputation will be increased even further, and more viewers will be able to find your page and your live shows. Don’t have a profile? We will work with you to add you to the database!

I’m planning to do something special in a show. What can I do?

Let us know! If you are planning something for a show (your birthday, or a holiday, anything!) send an email to this address and let us know what you’ll be doing and when and we will try out best to schedule our recording engineer to record that show!

How to Use Our New Ranking System

We wish we could have all of your shows on the homepage – so how can you keep your ranking up or improve it with these changes?

  1. Get Technical: test your Internet, upgrade your webcam, make sure your video quality is good, and make sure you have good lighting. 
  2. Broadcast regularly and be engaging with your viewers: more frequent shows that people tip in will help you rank higher. Enable tipping games, toys, and get creative.

Please see  for more.


How to use iOS Broadcaster

General requirements:
  • Apple iPhone/iPad running iOS 11 and up
Step by step instructions for broadcasting using an Apple device
  1. Open Safari on an Apple iPhone/iPad running iOS 11 and up
  2. Go to
  3. Make sure you are logged in.
  4. Access the menu and tap on “Broadcast”
  5. Press “Allow” when prompted for access to the camera and mic
  6. Once the app has loaded, you can:
    1. Add a status message, tip message and tip goal in the top part of the screen. Don’t forget to press “Save” in order for these to be used.
    2. Switch to a different camera
    3. Press “Start Broadcast” in order to start a show
  7. Once a show has started the app shows the following:
    1. Received token count and Viewer count
    2. A “stop broadcast” button
    3. Chat message list
    4. Chat input

Latest updates

  • Landscape support for iPhone X
  • Private Show queue – As a performer you now have the ability to either accept or reject a private show request immediately. Docking it to the side temporarily, enables you to wrap up what you were doing before addressing the request.
  • Private show settings – These can now be changed within the app.
Error messages

message: “Due to new technologies being made available in iOS 11, this app only works on Safari 11 and up. Please update in order to run the app.”

explanation: The app only works on Safari iOS 11 and up. This is due to new technologies that have been enabled by Apple on iOS 11. Updating to iOS 11 and then opening in Safari will remove this error.

message: “Please refresh the page and tap “Allow” when asked to access the Microphone and Camera.

explanation: iOS will ask for permission when accessing the camera and microphone of the device. Pressing “Allow” when asked will get rid of this error.

How to set up your Lovense toys

Lovense toys bring you and your audience even closer by allowing your viewers to control your toy through tipping.

The video guides below will walk you through the process of installing the Lovense extension into your Chrome (or Firefox) browsers. You’ll also need to download a Lovense app to either your IPad, IPhone, Tablet, or SmartPhone , or select your device here to download for your MAC or PC to complete the setup. 

This is a much better option than using the Lovense browser itself.

Chrome Extension


C4 Broadcaster FAQ

What is C4 Broadcaster?

C4 Broadcaster is an Android app that lets you broadcast live to CAM4 from your mobile device! Find out more about it here. 

How do I download C4 Broadcaster?

You can download C4 Broadcaster to your Android device from the Google Play store

What devices does C4 Broadcaster work on?

Any Android device running Android version 4.4.2 or higher can install and use C4 Broadcaster.

What is allowed outside on CAM4?

You can get a reminder on what is allowed on cam outdoors here:

Can I broadcast in both landscape and selfie modes?

Yes you can!

C4 Broadcaster landscape mode

Can I record my show?

Yes, you can record parts of your shows, just tap the record button located next to the start broadcast button. You can start/stop recording at any time during your broadcast. Once your are finished you can either save or discard the video. Any videos you save will be stored directly on your phone gallery, so you don’t need to interrupt your show.


Can I upload videos?

Yes you can upload these videos and any others on your phone directly from the app


Once you’re finished you can go to Cam4, check the approval status, manage your profile and edit the video information in MyShop.

How Do I Enable Live Touch?

Live Touch is a brand new tipping mode that is way hotter and more interactive than regular tipping. With Live Touch, you can now connect your bluetooth sex toys directly to CAM4 while broadcasting!

To Enable Live Touch:

Download the FeelPerformer app to your mobile device

Live Touch tipping mode requires the FeelPerformer app to connect your device to CAM4.

You can find the FeelPerformer app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, or you can easily download it by scanning the QR code on your broadcast window.

1. Click the Live Touch Button on your broadcast window.



2. Scan the QR Code to download the FeelPerformer app.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.05.11 AM



Connect your toy to the FeelPerformer app

Now that the app is downloaded, you need to connect it with your sex toy.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.

2. Turn on your sex toy.

3. Find and connect your device on the FeelPerformer app.

feelperf    Bluetooth



Connect the FeelPerformer app to CAM4

Once your toy is connected to the FeelPerformer app, you need to connect to CAM4 so that your tips buzz the toy!

Click the Live Touch Button on your Broadcast Window again.

1. Click Connect Now.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.04.58 AM

2. Scan the green QR code to connect!

The QR code will turn green. When it does, you’re ready use the FeelPerformer app to scan the code.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.36.44 AM

3. You’re connected!




Now your toy is connected and you’re ready to broadcast with Live Touch! When viewers send you tips, your toy will buzzzzz!

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

CAM4 is now an official streaming platform on OBS! This means OBS will auto configure your exact setting needs for optimal streaming on CAM4.

Here’s how it works:


  1. Login to Cam4. Select Broadcast
  2. Select External Encoder
  3. Select Get Stream Key
  4. Highlight Stream Key and Copy key as it will be pasted into OBS
  5. Open OBS
  6. Select Tools. Then select Auto Configuration Wizard
  7. Select Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary
  8. Click Next
  9. Base (Canvas) Resolution select: Use Current

** Base canvas = your primary monitor’s resolution**

  1. FPS: Select 30
  2. Click Next
  3. Stream Type: Select Streaming Services

       Service: Select Cam4 (show all if Cam4 is not listed)

  1. Stream Key: (clear if populated; paste key previously copied from your Cam4 broadcast window)
  2. Estimate bitrate with bandwidth test: CHECKED

       Prefer Hardware Encoding (if an option): UNCHECKED

  1. Click Next
  2. Stream Warning pop up box: Select YES and wait while settings are configured
  3. OBS then shows Final Results for your settings.

              Select Apply to use the new settings.

              Settings will not be applied if you select Cancel