What is the Transaction Fee on token purchases?

CAM4 uses trusted payment processors to make sure your personal information is secure when you make token purchases. Token purchases have a transaction fee to cover the costs associated with using those payment processors.

Purchasing tokens with Gift Cards

Cam4 is offering a new option to pay with 100+ major brand gift cards.. Instant access, 100% anonymous, no credit card required.

This allows US customers to sell their unused gift cards from 100+ merchants and retailers instantly, without requiring slow shipment and verification of cards. This makes the transaction simple for users, determining market value for their cards and offering them full payment in CAM4 tokens on the spot.

When purchasing tokens please look for the Gift Card button on the choose package screen to redeem your cards.

Tokens for Gift Cards

Select the 100+ Gift Card option and enter your gift card details, You will see the Cam4 Token value you will receive by redeeming the card.

Please note: Gift cards are resold on a marketplace, so your reclaim value will be lower than the original gift card balance

How Do I Buy Videos From Performer Shops?

You can use tokens to buy homemade videos from performer shops! 

Buying videos from performer Shops is a safer, easier way to collect amateur videos from the performers you love to watch. With performer Shops, no personal information needs to be exchanged – just click the thumbnail and add it to your Library!

You can find Shops at the top of a performer’s profile if they have uploaded content for sale.

performer shop


Each video has a thumbnail that gives you more information.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.42.09 AM

1. Price – The token cost to buy the video. If this says “Free”, you can add the video to your library at no cost!

2. Length – How long the video is.

3. Likes – How many likes the video has. You can only like a video once it has been purchased.

4. Views – How many times the video has been watched.

5. Information – Click this to see a longer description of the video.

6. Title – What the video is called!

7. Tags – These make the video easier to find in your library.



Once you buy a video, it gets added to your Library. Your Library can be found in your account.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.25.47 AM

You can come back to your library any time to watch your videos!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.53.12 AM

What is Cam4 Tipping?


All members of Cam4 can purchase tokens to tip performers as a means of expressing their appreciation for a performance. Tipping gives the performer actual cash.

Tokens are available to purchase in packages – the cost per token is reduced with larger token packages. Click here to view the available token packages


All Cam4 performers can accept tips.  You can see your tipping history, your earnings, etc from your Performer Dashboard.

What Are Tip Sounds?

Every time tokens are sent to a performer, a tip sound is played for the tipper, the performer, and all other viewers in chat.

Tip sounds change based on the size of the tip. There are four tiers of tip sounds.


Tier Token Amount
Tier One 1 – 4
Tier Two 5 – 49
Tier Three      50 – 249
Tier Four 250+


The bigger the tip amount, the bigger and longer the sound will be.

What are Cam4 Tokens?

Tokens are the currency used at Cam4 for a wide variety of features – you can use tokens to tip performers, send Cam4 Gifts, watch Private Shows and more. All of the features that require tokens are completely optional but are a great way to show your favorite Cam4 performer you’re enjoying the show.

Tokens are available in a variety of packages; the larger the package the lower the cost. Click here to view the available token packages. Performers may redeem tokens earned during performances at any time for their cash value. 

Learn how to send tips on Cam4

Performers on Cam4 are working hard to please you. You can show them how much you appreciate it by tipping them with tokens. Sending a generous tip might even encourage performers to take your requests, so send a tip and enjoy the show!

Tipping widget

  1. Token Balance

    This area shows your current token balance. Tokens are used to send tips to performers to let them know that you’re enjoying their show. Cam4 sells many token packages. You can view them by clicking here

  2. Buy Tokens

    Click this button to buy more tokens. A new window will appear listing the Cam4 token packages. If a window does not appear, disable any popup blockers you may be running.

  3. Enter Tip Amount

    To send a tip to a performer, enter the number of tokens that you’d like to send as a tip, and click the SEND TIP button. Send a generous tip that shows how much you enjoy the show. A low tip may be misunderstood as insulting, so tip wisely. Be careful not to go over your token balance.

  4. Message Window

    Performers will enter messages in this area to let you know what is going on in their show. Often, performers will set tipping goals or timers, and they will tell you what the rewards will be in this area. Keep an eye on it!

  5. Goal Progress

    When a goal is set, you can view the progress of the goal as tips are sent to the performer here. Help the chat room reach the goals to unlock special performances!

  6. Tipping Goal

    A tipping goal is an amount of tokens that a performer will set for the room to achieve. A performer may set many goals during their performance.

  7. Tipping Details

    The tipping details area shows you who is the top tipper during the current performance. You can view how many tokens you have tipped below that. Are you the top tipper? Get the performer’s attention by being the highest tipper in the room!

  8. Timers

    Performers may set a timer for certain events during their performance. Keep an eye on the timer and the message window so that you don’t miss out!

  9. Links

    In this area, you can access your Tipping History report and this Help file. Your tipping history report is a record of times when you purchased tokens, and times when you have sent tips.