CAM4 Messenger FAQ

  1. What are the key improvements introduced in the new inbox messaging system?
  • The new inbox messaging system brings a completely overhauled user experience and design, offering a fresh and intuitive interface. Users can explore new features designed to transform the way they interact with each other, on both desktop and mobile.
  1. How can I start a new conversation with other users?
  • Click on the icon to initiate a new conversation. You can search for users using filters like recently watched or recently tipped, or simply enter their username in the search bar for real-time results.
  1. How can I organize my conversations in the inbox?
  • You can filter chat threads by the most recent or oldest messages for convenient organization. Additionally, the gear icon allows you to edit existing conversations, select multiple threads for deletion, or star a thread for easy access.
  1. What is the purpose of starring a thread?
  • Starring a thread places it in the starred group section for quick and easy access.
  1. What is a Wink, and how does it work?
  • Non-gold users have three Winks per day, allowing them to express interest and initiate a conversation. Gold users can skip the need for Winks and directly message any user on the platform.
  1. What media features are available in the new inbox?
  • Users can send various media types, including My Shop videos and galleries, directly into the thread conversation. Media can be sorted and shared with other users.
  1. How can broadcasters benefit from the media features?
  • Broadcasters can share fan-only galleries, promoting themselves to users who have purchased a fan club membership
  1. How can I reward performers with tips and gifts?
  • Tips and gifts can be sent directly into private threads to show appreciation for the shared content.
  1. How does the Request Private Show button work?
  • Clicking the button allows users to engage in a private Cam2Cam show in exchange for tokens. This provides a more intimate space for users without the possibility of others spying on the show.
  1. How can users rate each other after a private show?
  • At the end of a private show, users can rate each other. Additionally, earnings and spending for that specific session are visible in the chat.
  1. How can I save a message or media for later reference?
  • Highlight a message or media and press the bookmark icon labeled “Save” to store it chronologically in the Save tab for that thread.
  1. Are there any additional details to explore in the new Inbox Overhaul?
  • Yes, we encourage users to explore the system further to discover all the little details and features. Feel free to reach out to if you have any specific questions or need assistance.

Achievements FAQ


Achievements shine the spotlight on the milestones you reach as a CAM4 member. When you complete different interactions on CAM4 such as uploading photos to your profile, joining a Fan Club, or making a new friend, you can unlock an Achievement badge.

Visit the Achievements section in My Account to track your progress and explore new achievements to unlock. You can display your collection of unlocked achievements on your profile and check out what your friends have unlocked on theirs, helping you find new ways to connect with each other.

Once you’ve unlocked an Achievement, you can use that badge and title in CAM4 chat rooms to add flair to your username and stand out from the crowd! (Coming soon).


You can learn more about available Achievements and track your progress by visiting the Achievement page within the Edit Profile section of My Account.

Any Achievements you earn will also get featured on your CAM4 profile page.


When viewing Achievements in My Account, you can browse between ALL, UNLOCKED, and LOCKED achievements.

ALL will show you a mix of locked, unlocked, and in-progress Achievements. Use UNLOCKED and LOCKED to quickly view only the Achievements you have earned or are in the process of earning, respectively.


You can choose to view your achievements in either a detailed list or a simplified grid by selecting the corresponding toggles at the top of each section


Locked and in-progress Achievement badges are displayed in black and white. Once you have completed the criteria to unlock any Achievement, the badge is displayed in color. By default, all your unlocked and in-progress Achievements are moved to the top of the list, sorted by most recent.

When an Achievement requires multiple actions, for example, uploading more photos to your profile gallery, you’ll see a progress bar appear underneath the badge, which will fill as you complete these actions.


You can tap or click any Achievement to view more details at any time. Doing so will open a panel that will display the following:

  • Achievement badge
  • Achievement title – this is the name of the achievement
  • Achievement description – the specific actions required to unlock the Achievement
  • Progress completion percentage – how much progress has been made so far toward unlocking the achievement
  • Rarity percentage – this indicates how common or rare this Achievement is within the CAM4 community. If less than 10% of other users have completed this goal, congratulations! You can feel proud! If lots of other people have also unlocked the same achievement, that’s great, too. It just means you have even more in common with plenty of potential new friends on CAM4.


When you unlock an Achievement, you’ll be notified in real-time. A small panel will appear in the top right corner of your screen showing you the title and badge of the Achievement you just unlocked. You can choose to interact with this panel for more information, dismiss it by clicking the “x” or simply wait and it will disappear on its own.

If you want more information but didn’t click the Achievement notification in time, not to worry – you can always visit the Achievements section inside My Account to see your unlocked Achievements; the newest ones will always be right at the top waiting for you!


Yes! Unlocked Achievements appear on your CAM4 profile page. You can also see what your friends and other CAM4 members have unlocked on their profile pages.


Yes! We plan to release more Achievements regularly; make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for news in CAM4 email announcements and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.


We’re here to help! If you feel you’re missing an Achievement for an action you’ve completed, we want to know – you can get in touch with us at

How to use My Shop Sale


Please go into your Broadcasters Dashboard and for each “My Shop” item you will see the option to set the item on sale by clicking on “Item Sale”.

When opening “Item Sale” you will see the following options:

  1. Set Duration of the sale 
  2. The new discounted price for viewers. The discounted price needs to be lower than the initial one.
  3. The new discounted price for Fans. The discounted price needs to be lower than the initial one.
  4. Start the sale

When a sale is set on a My shop item you will see the following in your My Shop Area

If you re-enter the Item Sale option on a video that has a Sale set on it you will see all of the information added for that sale, and know exactly when the sale will end, and also have the option to End Sale at any time you wish. The discounted price can’t be changed during a Sale, you will need to End that sale and create a new one if you wish to change the price.

If you choose to end the sale manually you will receive an “Are you sure” confirmation like the one below.


When you enter a broadcaster’s profile and the broadcaster has My Shop items on sale you will see them marked as below and you will be able to buy the video at the discounted price requested by the broadcaster. 

Private Shows – Fixed rate private shows

We have added the feature “Fixed Rate” which provides the ability to sell private shows in blocks of time as an alternative to the existing pay-per-minute shows.

The options for this appear in the lower left of your broadcast window after clicking on the cogwheel.


To add additional Blocks of Time options, click on the Plus + icon.

To delete a Block of Time option, click the Trash Can icon that appears at the top right of the option box

A Viewer will see the broadcaster’s chosen options when clicking on the request private show button

The viewer can choose to extend the show at any time


When the purchased block of time is about to expire, a prompt will appear offering the opportunity to extend the show by purchasing an additional block of time, this can be done an unlimited number of times during a show.

Once a viewer’s token balance is too low to purchase further blocks of time a notification will be displayed as below

It is also possible to purchase additional tokens at any time during a show

Please Note:

  • Spies remain on a per-minute basis when spying a Fixed rate show
  • Viewers not currently spying or being the primary private show viewer are presented with the amount of time remaining for the block of time in progress.

CAM4 Games Center

Roll the Dice

In this game, the broadcaster will have to set a price per roll and set up 6 prizes. The game cannot be started without all 6 options (dice faces) and a price being set.

Please note:

  • the price input field has a limitation of 3 digits.
  • the prize input fields have a limitation of 25 characters.

Once the game is started, all viewers in the room will have the Play Roll the Dice button in the action bar under the player and will receive a chat notification that the game is active and the possible prizes.

Once the Play Roll the Dice button is clicked, a game window will be opened over the chat. Here the viewer can see the price per roll, the prizes that they can win, and a Play button, which will randomly choose a prize once it is clicked.

After a roll the game will be paused for 1 minute,  to allow time for the broadcaster to give the reward that was won. If they don’t need that much time, broadcasters can reset the timer.

Token Keno

In this game, the broadcaster can set up to 12 prizes with the cost they choose. An option to be added to the game must have a prize and a cost. To start the game the broadcaster has to click on the Start Token Keno button. Once the game is started the options cannot be edited. A chat notification will notify all users that the game is enabled.


  • the price input field has a limitation of 3 digits.
  • the prize input fields have a limitation of 15 characters. 

All viewers now can see the Play ‘Token Keno’ button in the action bar under the player, and if they click on it, the Token Keno game window will be displayed over chat. Here they can see a list of the prizes they can unlock and the squares they can choose with the cost to unlock them. The viewer is not aware of which prize the squares have. To play the game the viewer must click on the square he wants to unlock. Once he clicks on the square an animation is displayed with an unlocked prize.

A chat notification is sent to inform all users that the viewer unlocked a prize. After a pick, the game is paused for 1 minute, but the broadcaster has the possibility to resume it faster by pressing the Allow Unlock button that replaced the Game Center button. The unlocked prizes are displayed in the game window as greyed out and strikethrough. After the last square is picked the game ends.

The broadcaster can end the game whenever they want. To do so they have to go to the game settings window and click on the Disable button.

Spin the Wheel

In this game, the broadcaster can set up a number of prizes and a price per spin. The minimum number of prizes is 6 and the maximum is 12. The broadcaster must set the price per spin and also input the minimum number of prizes so that the game can be started.


  • the price input field has a limitation of 3 digits.
  • the prize input fields have a limitation of 25 characters. 

The viewers will have to pay the price to spin and win a random prize. After the game starts, the “Game Center” button will be replaced with “Spin the Wheel”, on the broadcaster’s side.
After the broadcaster starts a game a chat notification will be sent to all users with all the prizes in the game.

All viewers will see the Play ‘Spin the Wheel’ button, and once they click on it, the Spin the Wheel game window will be displayed over the chat. In the game window the viewers will have a Spin button with the cost per spin, and the wheel with all the possible prizes.

A chat notification is sent to inform all users that a viewer won a prize.

After a spin, the game will be paused for 1 minute, but the broadcaster has the possibility to resume it faster by pressing the “Allow Spin” button that replaced the Spin the Wheel button.

The broadcaster can end the game whenever they want, and they can do it by clicking on the “Spin the Wheel” button and the press “Disable”.

How Do I Upload Videos For Sale?

You can upload videos for sale from a new My Shop area on your profile.

To get started, you need to upload your first videos.

1. Click Manage Shop in My Account

My Shop - My Account Side Menu

2. Drag your video files into the upload area

Upload Area

The maximum file size is 3GB.

3. Fill out the details of your video

My Shop - Upload Video

  • Title. This is what your video is called. Pick a name that entices people to want your video!
  • Description. Write a short explanation of what your video is about.
  • Hash Tags. Add some tags to make it easier to find your video.
  • Tokens. Decide how many tokens your video costs.
  • Free. Check this to make your video free for viewers. You could add free teasers of your longer videos!

4. Click Start Upload

The upload will begin!

Once the video is uploaded, there will be a short transcoding phase to prepare it for the CAM4 video player.


5. Wait for Approval

My Shop - Pending Items

Your video needs to be checked to make sure that it meets the CAM4 Terms and Conditions. This may take up to 48 hours.

6. Manage your Shop

Once your videos are approved, you can manage them from the My Shop section. You can edit the details of each video, or monitor your earnings once your shop is available for viewers.

Edit Video Details

You can click the edit button to make changes to your video details. From here, you can change the title, description, hash tags, cost, and downloadability of your video. Click thumbnails to choose a cover for your video from a list of frames.

You may also delete videos from CAM4 from here.

My Shop - Edit Video 1  My Shop - Edit Video 2

7. Keep an eye on your stats!

Check Earnings 

Once your shop goes live for all users this Spring, you will be able to see how much you’ve earned from each of your uploaded videos on their thumbnails.

My Shop - Thumbnail in My Shop

Get Insights 

You can use your My Shop Insights to help you refine your shop and make popular videos!

Click the Insights button to get a detailed view of your earnings per video, your top shopper and more.

My Shop - Insights Navigation

My Shop - Insights Page

Frequently Asked Questions

When will viewers be able to buy my videos?

Your videos will go on sale from your profile in Spring 2017. Make sure you have your videos uploaded and ready to sell!

Why can’t I see My Shop in My Account?

If you are interested in selling videos but do not see My Shop, please contact to have this section enabled on your account.

What happens if my video contains music in the background?

Due to copyright issues, if any music is heard in the background of your video, ALL sound must be muted.

How do I protect my privacy when using My Shop?

You can control who can see your shop by limiting what countries can view your profile. You can delete your videos at any time. For more information on protecting your privacy will on CAM4, click here.

What happens if I delete something from My Shop?

If you delete something from your video gallery, it is also deleted from CAM4 entirely.

Can I upload videos directly phone my mobile phone?

Yes! By logging in to CAM4 on your mobile phone browser, you can follow the same steps as above to upload videos you recorded on your phone.

Live Show Scheduling

Imagine if you had a TV guide for Cam4, and you could include own Cam4 shows. You can stop imagining because it’s now a reality! Our new Live Show Scheduling tool has launched! Cam4 viewers can subscribe to any model’s schedule and get reminders before they go live. You don’t need to be a Gold Member, this is available to all Cam4 users. Start by clicking the orange Subscribe button on your favorite models’ Cam4 pages. Scheduled shows are no different in price that regular shows, it’s just our way of making it easier for you to know when your favorite models are online. You can subscribe to a maximum of 100 models, and receive notifications 15 minutes before the shows begin.

Sync your calendar with your iPhone or export it to iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar to make sure you don’t miss a show. Just click Calendar in the My Account tab and click on the icon you wish to export your schedule to (iCal, Outlook, Google Cal). Plus, models can share their goals, how long the show will be, and tease you with what they’ve got planned for each show so you can know what to expect.

Viewer FAQs How many broadcasters may I subscribe to? You may subscribe to a maximum of 100 broadcasters.

Does Live Show Scheduling require a Cam4 account? Yes. Basic Cam4 Members and Cam4 Gold Members may use the Live Show Scheduling feature. To sign up for a free Cam4 account, click here.

How do I see my Live Show Schedule? You can see your Live Show Schedule by going to your account information on the upper right corner. Click the Calendar icon next to your username at the top of the site.

User CP

You can also see your Live Show Schedule by clicking Calendar in the My Account tab.

Calendar View

What do the colors on the calendar refer to? Orange dots refer to Live Shows scheduled by broadcasters that you subscribe to. Blue dots refer to Live Shows that you are scheduled to perform in.

How do I know how many shows are scheduled today? The number of shows scheduled for the current day is displayed next the calendar icon on the top of the site.

User CP

Beat The Leader

What Is Beat The Leader?

Beat The Leader is a game viewers can play to make sure they are always the Tip Leader in a room – so they can keep getting the attention that comes with being the leader!

How does Beat The Leader work?

The Beat The Leader button gives viewers the option to automatically send a broadcaster enough tokens to become the new tip leader.

How many tokens does the Beat The Leader button send?

After clicking Beat The Leader, you can choose to send enough tokens to match the current leader, plus 1 – making you the new tip leader.

Or, you can choose to CRUSH the current leader by sending an extra 100!

Where can I find Beat The Leader?

 Beat The Leader is available on any cam that has tipping enabled. The button will appear below the goal bar once a viewer has become the tip leader.

 What if I tip anonymously?

 If you send tips anonymously and become the tip leader, you will appear as anonymous in the Beat The Leader menu.

Fan Club FAQ

  1. What are Fan Clubs?
  2. How do I join a Fan Club?
  3. How much do Fan Clubs cost?
  4. What do I get for joining a Fan Club?
  5. What payment methods can I use for my Fan Club subscription?
  6. Can I be in more than one Fan Club?
  7. How do I cancel / leave a Fan Club?


1. What are Fan Clubs?

Fan Clubs are a direct, personal way for you to connect with your favorite broadcasters – while getting exclusive fan benefits.
You can join a broadcasters Fan Club to start supporting them directly for a token subscription cost per month. Those tokens go right to the broadcaster – granting you perks like a private image gallery and unlimited private messaging.


2. How do I join a Fan Club?

Broadcasters with their own Fan Club have a Join Fan Club button on the top of their profile.


Click this button to join while you’re watching their show or visiting their profile.

3. How much do Fan Clubs cost?

Each broadcaster sets their own Fan Club subscription cost. These tokens go directly to the broadcaster.


4. What do I get for joining a Fan Club?

As a member of a broadcaster’s Fan Club, you get:

  • Access to a private Fan Club image gallery full of pictures for fans only.
  • Unlimited private messaging to the broadcaster.
  • Priority messaging to the broadcaster’s CAM4 Mail.
  • A special chat badge to show off beside your username.
  • A special rate on the broadcaster’s video shop items.
  • Unlimited spy show access to all of the broadcaster’s Private Shows.
  • The broadcasters appreciation for your direct support!


5. What payment methods can I use for my Fan Club subscription?

You can pay for your Fan Club subscription by token balance or credit card.

Token Balance: As long as you have enough tokens in your balance, you can subscribe to a Fan Club. From then on, the token cost will be subtracted from your balance each month that you stay subscribed.

Credit Card: You can also subscribe to Fan Clubs using a credit card. You will be billed $4.95 monthly for as long as you remain a fan.


6. Can I be in more than one Fan Club?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of Fan Clubs you can join.


7. How do I cancel / leave a Fan Club?

First, click on My Account in the drop down menu on the top right of the site.

From the menu on the side, click Payment & Subscriptions.

You’ll see the list of Fan Clubs you are subscribed to in the Active Subscriptions section of this page. How you leave one of these Fan Clubs varies based on your payment method:

Token Balance: If you pay for your Fan Club subscription with your token balance, you can click the Don’t Renew button on the Fan Club preview to end the subscription.

Credit Card: If you pay for your Fan Club subscription with your credit card, you can click the Don’t Renew button on the Fan Club preview to find your payment processor and follow their directions to end the subscription.

What are CAM4 Browser Notifications?

CAM4 Browser Notifications lets you know when your favorite broadcasters are broadcasting live, so you never miss them in action.

If one of your favorite broadcasters is broadcasting when you come online or starts broadcasting while you’re online, a notification will appear in your browser. You can click it to easily start watching the show.

How do I enable CAM4 Browser Notifications?

Browser Notifications are enabled by default. Just favorite some broadcasters and you’ll be notified when they start performing!

Once you see a notification for the first time, your browser will ask if you accept desktop notifications.

Are CAM4 Browser Notifications active when I’m not on CAM4?

No, you will only receive CAM4 Browser Notifications when have CAM4 open in a browser window and are logged in to your account.

However, if you accept desktop notifications, you will receive CAM4 Browser Notifications while surfing the web, reading emails, or anything else on your computer – if you have CAM4 open in a browser.

Do the notifications repeat?

No. Notifications for the same broadcaster aren’t repeated, so you won’t be spammed by unwanted messages.

How do I disable CAM4 Browser Notifications?

Disabling Browser Notifications depends on the browser you use:

Click Safari in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Select Preferences.
Switch to the Websites tab within the Preference popup window

Scroll down and open the Notifications settings menu

Disable the checkbox — Allow websites to ask for permission to send notifications


Open Chrome and click on the three dots in the upper-right corner

Select Privacy and Security on the left, and then click Site Settings

Scroll down to Permissions and select Notifications

Disable or adjust Chrome notifications in this area


Click the padlock in the address bar.

Click the arrow in the Site Information drop-down panel.

Click More information in the next panel to bring up the Page Info Window

Click the Permissions tab.

Under Send Notifications, select Block