Private Shows – Fixed rate private shows

We have added the feature “Fixed Rate” which provides the ability to sell private shows in 10 minute blocks as an alternative to the existing pay per minute shows.

The options for this appear in your broadcast window




A Viewer will see the broadcasters chosen options when clicking on the request private show button


The viewer can choose to extend the show at any time


When the purchased block of time is about to expire a prompt will appear offering the opportunity to extend the show by purchasing an additional block of time, this can be done an unlimited number of times during a show.


Once a viewers token balance is too low to purchase further blocks of time a notification will be displayed as below


It is also possible to purchase additional tokens at any time during a show

Please Note:

  • Spies remain on a per-minute basis when spying a Fixed rate show
  • viewers not currently spying or being the primary private show viewer are presented with the amount of time remaining for the block of time in progress.