Regular Streaming Troubleshooting

Can’t see or use your camera and microphone set up when choosing the Regular Streaming broadcast mode on Cam4?

Please make sure that you are logged into Cam4 and can access the Regular Streaming tab after pressing the Broadcast button


I get a message that my camera or microphone is blocked or disabled.  No camera or microphone appears on my CAM4 broadcast window.

The camera and/or microphone are blocked/disabled in your browser. Please enable them by clicking the X button next to Blocked Temporarily (Firefox)


Next, refresh your Firefox browser window and then select Allow within the popup prompt. The camera you are currently using should be shown in that window. If not, use the drop-down arrow and select it.


If you are using Chrome browser to stream, the process is very similar: 

  • Click the camera icon located in the upper right corner of your broadcast window as shown below.
  • Within the pop-up box, choose Continue Allowing Cam4 to access your camera.
  • The camera you are currently using should be shown in that window. If not, simply select it using the drop-down
  • Click Done when finished and either refresh or restart Chrome


Opera users, please see  Managing Camera Access and Managing Microphone Access

Please note: This may require a browser restart rather than just a page refresh as any open tabs or browser windows may interfere with the change.

Your camera and/or your microphone could also be in use by another app. In many cases, your browser might not be able to access them directly if they are already in use. To fix this please close any other tabs/browsers or applications that are currently using your camera
( Tip: If your camera in use indicator is lit before reaching the CAM4 website it generally indicates something else is using your cam.)

Problems streaming on more than one platform.

Some may experience issues trying to broadcast on multiple platforms.  If this is an issue, you will need to create a virtual cam while only using one physical cam. The most common option would be to use the Virtual Camera option within OBS. This will give you an additional cam listed as OBS Virtual Cam which can be selected in the same manner as mentioned at the start of this article.

  1. Install OBS Studio. It can be downloaded here
  2. Open OBS Studio
    • Select Start Virtual Camera in the main OBS window
    • Open your browser and log in to Cam4
    • Click the Broadcast button and select Regular Streaming
    • Choose OBS Virtual Camera as your webcam.
    • You do not need to press Start Streaming in OBS
    • Press the Go Live button on Cam4 and start streaming


Using the Lovense “Give Control” feature

The Give Control feature simply brings you and your audience much closer by offering 2 new ways for viewers to control your toy through tipping.

To use this feature, make sure you update to the latest version of the Cam Extension or Lovense Browser, available here.

How it Works

Activate Give Control on the Lovense Cam Extension settings page. Set up the price and control session duration.


Give Control will show up in your on-screen tip menu.


When a tipper tips the required number of tokens, they will automatically be shown a window to control your toy with either one option below:

  1. Using a slider on the screen
  2. Using a Lovense Max 2/Calor/Nora


Get Connected by installing it here

Introducing Snap Camera

Cam4 is introducing Snap Camera to your live streams!! Host a show and video chat with your favorite Snap Chat lenses!!

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer; macOS 10.13 or newer
  • Hardware: Minimum of Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz or AMD FX 4300 2.6Ghz with 4GB RAM
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 / Nvidia GeForce 710 / AMD Radeon HD6450; screen resolution of 1280×768 or higher
  • Please make sure that you have the latest driver for your specific graphics
    card installed

Click the top right cogwheel to enter the settings menu. Select your webcam, microphone, and resolution. Close the settings and your camera preview should now be visible.
If there is still no preview available, make sure no other programs are using your webcam. Resolve this by shutting down and restarting any other webcam applications in use

Using Snap Camera
To apply any lens, scroll down and choose one from the lens gallery.
Favoriting Lenses
Favorite a lens by clicking the star at the top left corner of each one. This allows you to easily select them later. Favorite lenses can be located by clicking the star at the top left of the application.

Searching for Lenses
Lenses can be searched for by name or creator name using the Search Bar located at the top of the lens galleries
Sharing Lenses
Lenses can be shared by scanning the Snapcode only when visible. Viewers will be able to scan a SnapCode only after Show Snapcode Overlay is enabled within the settings of your Snap Camera application.

Lenses can also be shared via their Snapcode URL. URLs can be found by clicking on a visible Snapcode. This will expand the Snapcode and display its URL which can then be copied and shared.

Hotkeys allow you to activate a lens with keyboard shortcuts. Hotkey setup can be found within the Snap Camera settings (top right cog wheel).
▪ Turn Lens On/Off – Toggles an active lens on or off
▪ Trigger Lens – Triggers interactions on supported lenses
▪ Configure Favorite Hotkeys – Allows you to quickly enable and activate your favorited lenses

Streaming with OBS
Add Snap Camera as a webcam to OBS studio and stream live on Cam4 with your favorite lenses!

Start by first opening the Snap Camera application; then open OBS Studio. Snap Camera will need to be added as a source within OBS. Do this by clicking the plus + sign in the OBS sources panel and select Video Capture Device. The Create/Select Source popup will then appear. Select New and give the source a name.

Snap Camera will then need to be selected as the device within the Source

Properties window. Select it accordingly within the Device drop-down menu. Once selected, the Snap Camera video feed should be visible on your OBS broadcast canvas.

Streaming without OBS
Snap Camera can still be used on Cam4 without OBS. Setup the application as described above. When starting your Cam4 broadcast, select Snap Camera as your webcam.

Need more help? Snap Camera documentation, videos, and guides can be found at the links below:

Private Shows – Fixed rate private shows

We have added the feature “Fixed Rate” which provides the ability to sell private shows in blocks of time as an alternative to the existing pay-per-minute shows.

The options for this appear in the lower left of your broadcast window after clicking on the cogwheel.


To add additional Blocks of Time options, click on the Plus + icon.

To delete a Block of Time option, click the Trash Can icon that appears at the top right of the option box

A Viewer will see the broadcaster’s chosen options when clicking on the request private show button

The viewer can choose to extend the show at any time


When the purchased block of time is about to expire, a prompt will appear offering the opportunity to extend the show by purchasing an additional block of time, this can be done an unlimited number of times during a show.

Once a viewer’s token balance is too low to purchase further blocks of time a notification will be displayed as below

It is also possible to purchase additional tokens at any time during a show

Please Note:

  • Spies remain on a per-minute basis when spying a Fixed rate show
  • Viewers not currently spying or being the primary private show viewer are presented with the amount of time remaining for the block of time in progress.

How to Use Our New Ranking System

We wish we could have all your shows on the homepage – so how can you keep your ranking up or improve it with these changes?

Get Technical

  • Test your internet speed at, this checks your connection speed to the CAM4 servers and is the most accurate
  • Upgrade your webcam
  • Ensure your video quality is good
  • Make sure you have good lighting

Broadcast regularly and be engaging with your viewers

  • Schedule your shows and be consistent with the times spent on cam
  • More frequent shows that people tip in will help you rank higher on the homepage
  • Enable chat tipping games (Roll the Dice, Spin the Wheel, Token Keno)
  • Give viewers something to talk about by using toys and props
  • Change your camera angles and/or use multiple webcams at once
  • Get creative with your broadcasts in numerous ways: using OBS, themes, outfits, different locations, and backgrounds

Please see  for more performer tips, tricks, and training modules.

CAM4 Games Center

Roll the Dice

In this game, the broadcaster will have to set a price per roll and set up 6 prizes. The game cannot be started without all 6 options (dice faces) and a price being set.

Please note:

  • the price input field has a limitation of 3 digits.
  • the prize input fields have a limitation of 25 characters.

Once the game is started, all viewers in the room will have the Play Roll the Dice button in the action bar under the player and will receive a chat notification that the game is active and the possible prizes.

Once the Play Roll the Dice button is clicked, a game window will be opened over the chat. Here the viewer can see the price per roll, the prizes that they can win, and a Play button, which will randomly choose a prize once it is clicked.

After a roll the game will be paused for 1 minute,  to allow time for the broadcaster to give the reward that was won. If they don’t need that much time, broadcasters can reset the timer.

Token Keno

In this game, the broadcaster can set up to 12 prizes with the cost they choose. An option to be added to the game must have a prize and a cost. To start the game the broadcaster has to click on the Start Token Keno button. Once the game is started the options cannot be edited. A chat notification will notify all users that the game is enabled.


  • the price input field has a limitation of 3 digits.
  • the prize input fields have a limitation of 15 characters. 

All viewers now can see the Play ‘Token Keno’ button in the action bar under the player, and if they click on it, the Token Keno game window will be displayed over chat. Here they can see a list of the prizes they can unlock and the squares they can choose with the cost to unlock them. The viewer is not aware of which prize the squares have. To play the game the viewer must click on the square he wants to unlock. Once he clicks on the square an animation is displayed with an unlocked prize.

A chat notification is sent to inform all users that the viewer unlocked a prize. After a pick, the game is paused for 1 minute, but the broadcaster has the possibility to resume it faster by pressing the Allow Unlock button that replaced the Game Center button. The unlocked prizes are displayed in the game window as greyed out and strikethrough. After the last square is picked the game ends.

The broadcaster can end the game whenever they want. To do so they have to go to the game settings window and click on the Disable button.

Spin the Wheel

In this game, the broadcaster can set up a number of prizes and a price per spin. The minimum number of prizes is 6 and the maximum is 12. The broadcaster must set the price per spin and also input the minimum number of prizes so that the game can be started.


  • the price input field has a limitation of 3 digits.
  • the prize input fields have a limitation of 25 characters. 

The viewers will have to pay the price to spin and win a random prize. After the game starts, the “Game Center” button will be replaced with “Spin the Wheel”, on the broadcaster’s side.
After the broadcaster starts a game a chat notification will be sent to all users with all the prizes in the game.

All viewers will see the Play ‘Spin the Wheel’ button, and once they click on it, the Spin the Wheel game window will be displayed over the chat. In the game window the viewers will have a Spin button with the cost per spin, and the wheel with all the possible prizes.

A chat notification is sent to inform all users that a viewer won a prize.

After a spin, the game will be paused for 1 minute, but the broadcaster has the possibility to resume it faster by pressing the “Allow Spin” button that replaced the Spin the Wheel button.

The broadcaster can end the game whenever they want, and they can do it by clicking on the “Spin the Wheel” button and the press “Disable”.

How do I update my card information?

If you wish to change the credit card on file or see other payment options, please do the following:

  • Log into your account
  • Click your circular profile avatar in the top right of the screen
  • Choose My Account
  • Select the Account Settings tab and then choose Payments & Subscriptions
  • Turn Enable 1-Click Checkout for Easier Purchases to off. Click Save

    This will require you to enter your payment information each time you make a purchase.

    You can re-enable the one-click option by following the above steps and turning Enable 1-Click Checkout for Easier Purchases on. Remember to Save any changes

How do I watch Cam4 on my mobile device?

Cam4 Mobile lets you watch live cams from your iPhone, iPad, and Android, wherever you are.

To use Cam4 Mobile, simply visit from your mobile browser. There is no app to download or software to install.

On Cam4 Mobile, you may watch live shows, send Cam4 messages, manage your friends & favorites and see broadcaster bios – all from the palm of your hand.