Bitsafe offers both an E-wallet and a debit card to be used at ATM’s and POS.

Minimum payout: $50 USD

Processed: Daily

Bitsafe MasterCard costs: €29.50 annually. However, when CAM4 broadcasters apply for the Bitsafe account/card through CAM4 the first 6 months will be free of charge. If you use your Bitsafe card during all of these 6 months, the free period is extended for another 18 months.

In other words: if you use your Bitsafe account and card – you will not have to pay any annual fee for the first 2 years.

Costs for receiving money on your Bitsafe account from CAM4: free

Costs for transferring funds from your Bitsafe account to a European bank account (EUR SEPA): €0.75

Costs for cash withdrawal at any ATM in EUR currency: €2


Payment Methods by Country

CAM4 features several different payment method options, depending on your country. See a full list here.

Available Payment methods

Availability by Country

COUNTRY ACH CrossCard ePayService Euro Wire Paxum
Afghanistan         X
Albania     X X X
Algeria     X   X
American Samoa     X   X
Andorra     X X X
Angola     X   X
Anguilla     X   X
Antartica         X
Antigua and Barbuda     X   X
Argentina     X   X
Armenia     X   X
Aruba     X   X
Australia     X   X
Austria   X X X X
Azerbaijan     X X X
Bahamas     X   X
Bahrain     X X X
Bangladesh     X   X
Barbados     X   X
Belarus     X   X
Belgium   X X X X
Belize     X   X
Benin     X   X
Bhutan     X   X
Bolivia     X   X
Bosnia & Herzegovina     X X X
Botswana     X   X
Brazil     X X X
Brunei     X   X
Bulgaria   X X X X
Burkina Faso     X   X
Burundi     X   X
Cambodia     X   X
Cameroon     X   X
Canada     X   X
Central African Republic     X   X
Chad     X   X
Chile     X   X
China     X   X
Colombia     X   X
Comoros     X – NO CARD   X
Congo         X
Costa Rica     X X X
Côte d’Ivoire         X
Croatia   X X X X
Cuba         X
Cyprus   X X X X
Czech Republic   X X X X
Denmark   X X X X
Djibouti     X   X
Dominica     X   X
Dominican Republic     X X X
East Timor       X X
Ecuador     X   X
Egypt     X   X
El Salvador     X   X
Equatorial Guinea     X   X
Eritrea         X
Estonia   X X   X
Ethiopia     X   X
Faroe Islands       X X
Fiji     X   X
Finland   X X X X
France   X X X X
Gabon     X   X
Gambia     X   X
Georgia     X X X
Germany   X X X X
Ghana     X   X
Gibraltar       X X
Greece   X X X X
Greenland       X X
Grenada     X   X
Guam     X   X
Guatemala     X X X
Guinea     X   X
Guyana     X   X
Haiti     X   X
Holy See         X
Honduras     X   X
Hong Kong     X   X
Hungary   X X X X
Iceland   X X X X
India     X – NO CARD   X – NO CARD
Indonesia     X   X
Iran         X
Iraq         X
Ireland   X X X X
Israel     X X X
Italy   X X X X
Jamaica     X   X
Japan     X   X
Jordan     X X X
Kazakhstan     X X X
Kenya         X
Kiribati     X   X
Kosovo       X X
Kuwait     X X X
Kyrgyzstan     X   X
Laos     X   X
Latvia   X   X X
Lebanon         X
Lesotho     X   X
Liberia         X
Libya         X
Liechtenstein   X X X X
Lithuania   X X X X
Luxembourg   X X X X
Macedonia       X X
Madagascar     X X X
Malawi     X   X
Malaysia     X   X
Maldives     X   X
Mali     X   X
Malta   X X X X
Marshall Islands     X   X
Mauritania     X X X
Mauritius     X X X
Mexico     X   X
Micronesia     X   X
Moldova     X   X
Monaco     X X X
Mongolia     X   X
Montenegro     X X X
Morocco     X   X
Mozambique     X   X
Myanmar         X
Namibia     X   X
Nauru     X   X
Nepal     X   X
Netherlands   X X X X
New Zealand     X   X
Nicaragua     X   X
Niger     X   X
Nigeria         X
North Korea         X
Norway   X X X X
Oman     X   X
Pakistan       X X
Panama     X   X
Papua New Guinea     X   X
Paraguay     X   X
Peru     X   X
Philippines     X   X
Poland   X X X X
Portugal   X X X X
Qatar     X X X
Reunion     X   X
Romania   X X X X
Russia     X   X
Rwanda     X   X
Saint Kitts & Nevis     X   X
Saint Lucia     X   X
Samoa     X   X
San Marino     X X X
Sao Tome & Principe     X   X
Saudi Arabia     X X X
Senegal     X   X
Serbia     X X X
Seychelles     X   X
Sierra Leone     X   X
Singapore     X   X
Slovakia   X X X X
Slovenia   X X X X
Solomon Islands     X   X
Somalia         X
South Africa     X   X
South Korea         X
South Sudan         X
Spain   X X X X
Sri Lanka     X   X
State of Palestine         X
Sudan         X
Suriname     X   X
Swaziland     X   X
Sweden   X X X X
Switzerland     X X X
Syria         X
Taiwan         X
Tajikistan     X   X
Tanzania     X   X
Thailand     X   X
Timor-Leste     X    
Togo     X   X
Tonga     X   X
Trinidad and Tobago     X   X
Tunisia     X   X
Turkey     X X X
Turkmenistan     X   X
Tuvalu     X   X
Uganda     X   X
Ukraine     X X X
United Arab Emirates     X X X
United Kingdom (UK/GB)   X X X X
United States X       Business – NO CARD
Uruguay     X   X
Uzbekistan     X   X
Vanuatu     X   X
Venezuela         X
Viet Nam     X   X
Virgin Islands     X X X
Yemen         X
Zambia     X   X
Zimbabwe         X

US Direct Deposit

Direct deposit payments are similar to wires, but because of the way they are processed they are faster and there is no cost to the broadcaster.

PLEASE NOTE: While there is “no fee” from us to send the payment, your bank may charge a fee. This is not something we have any control over so please check with your bank.

Direct deposit payments are processed WEEKLY on FRIDAYS with a minimum payment request of $100.

Payments must be requested by TUESDAY 11:59pm EST to be included for payment on FRIDAY.

Payment will show on your bank statement as: TLE OPPORTUNITIE DIR DEP


The following is a list of fields required for Direct deposit payments.

Private Accounts

Bank Information

  1. Direct Deposit Routing *(NOTE: This number is 9 digits. This is not your ordinary routing number, please contact your bank for the correct number)
  2.  Bank Account Number *

Account Holder Information

  1. First Name on Account *
  2. Last Name on Account *
  3. Social Security Number * (this will be hidden in your account and is needed as 1099’s will be issued to you at the end of the year)
  4. Checking or Savings Account
  5. Account Holder Address
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City 
  • State 
  • Zip
  • United States

Business Accounts

Bank Information

  1. Direct Deposit Routing *(NOTE: This number is 9 digits. This is not your ordinary routing number, please contact your bank for the correct number)
  2.  Bank Account Number *

Account Holder Information

  1. Business Name
  2. Taxpayer Identification number
  3. Account Type (Checking or Savings)
  4. Account Holder Address
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City 
  • State 
  • Zip
  • United States

Due to changes made by our Direct deposit processor it will not be possible to add Direct deposit as a payment method to multiple accounts using the same Social Security Number (SSN).

How does it affect you?

  • If you only have one account no changes need to be made and payments can continue as normal.
  • If you have more than one account, only one can be used to cash out with Direct deposit as the payment method. For your additional accounts please use Cash to tokens as the payment method, you can then transfer the tokens to the account you have set up for Direct deposit through the tip jar or as gifts. Payment can then be requested from the Direct deposit account

Payment methods

We offer the following payment options.

Convert to Tokens:

  • 100 tokens = $10.00
  • Cost: FREE
  • Minimum payment: $0.10
  • Payment: Immediate

NOTE: Registration and approval are still required for this method of payment as tokens have a cash value.


New Crosscard applications are no longer being accepted. On December 31 2020 the option will be removed from Cam4 completely.


  • Minimum Payment $50
  • Payment is available by Wire Transfer. ACH and EFT to Debit/Credit cards (except cards issued by financial institutions in Canada, USA, Israel, and Japan.)

This requires an existing Paxum account. If you do not have one please sign up at

Please Note: You will need Photo Identification and proof of address as part of the sign-up process


  • Cost: Free.
  • Minimum payout: $50 USD.
  • Payment can be requested in EUR or USD
  • Time to receive payment: 3 working days. (Time is calculated based on the date of payment confirmation. Please allow 1-3 business days for approval.)
  • Requirements: An existing ePayService account available from

Euro Wires

  • Minimum payment: $100.00
  • Payments must be requested by 11:59 pm EST on Monday to be included for payment Tuesday or by 11:59 pm EST on Thursday to be included for payment Friday
  • Delivery: 5-7 business days
  • Information required: SWIFT code, IBAN, Name, and Address of the account holder, Bank name and address

NOTE: When filling out your banking/account information, please do not use special characters (comma, periods, dashes, etc.)

US Direct Deposit (ACH – the US only)

  • Minimum payment: $100.00
  • Business and Personal Accounts can be used
  • Payments must be requested by TUESDAY 11:59 pm EST to be included for payment on FRIDAY.
  • Once the payment request is sent to the bank on Friday, please expect an additional 3 – 5 business days for the funds to settle in your account



 Paxum is now available as a payment method for Broadcasters. Please note the following


Can I send funds from my eWallet to my PayPal account?

No, you must have the Paxum card in order to make this transfer.

How soon will new cards be available?

Paxum hopes to have new cards printed and sent out in the next 4-5 weeks.

Are funds loaded to my external card automatically from my Paxum account?

As soon as funds are sent to Paxum, they are loaded into your account. You can log into your Paxum account and see that you received the funds. You can then start a withdrawal to your bank account by wire/eft/sepa or you can withdraw to an external credit card. You can take a combination amount or all and even send funds to another Paxum user.

Can I have a personal account with Paxum if I am from the United States?

Paxum is no longer providing this service to USA Personal Account-Holders however if you have a company, you can open a Paxum Business account or, if that’s not possible, note that you can open an account with Paxum Bank (

When trying to register information on Paxum they request a series number for my ID; what is this?

Document Number: There are two fields here; Series and Number. If your document does NOT contain a Series, then simply input a hyphen “-” in that field. In the Number section, that is where you will input the number found on your Document (passport number, DL number, etc)

I know that at the moment only the wire transfer is available for Paxum, but can they attach any card that has an IBAN linked to it or is there a list of cards that are accepted or not?

An IBAN is required for withdrawals using bank transfers (wires). Withdrawals using an external credit/debit card requires only the debit/credit card number and information.

Please note: all debit and credit cards are accepted except cards issued by financial institutions in Canada, USA, Israel, and Japan.

What do I fill in for “Source of income”/”Purpose of account”?

Source: “Granity Entertainment”;  Purpose “Receiving Payment

Is there a minimum payout request for Paxum?

Yes, the minimum payment request is $50.00

What documents are needed for Paxum approval?

  1. Residents of an EU country, Canada, Australia or Switzerland need to submit a single ID, such as the International Passport, National ID or Driver’s License and a proof of address showing your last name and the address, issued in the last 6 months.
  2. Residents of all other countries (ex: Russian Federation, Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc.) need to submit an International Passport OR 2 other IDs, such as the National ID, Local Passport (available for Russian Federation and Ukraine citizens) Driver’s License, Voter Card, Military ID or State ID and proof of address showing your last name and the, issued in the last 6 months.

Note: For countries requiring “2” photo ids. If they take a National photo ID to a notary and have the document notarized they will accept just “1” photo identification but it must be with a notary.

Is there a Paxum Office located in Colombia?

Yes, Pereira, Risaralda Colombia. Contact: (Cristian)

I sent a payment to Paxum, can I get it back?

Yes you can
For unverified Paxum accounts. Log in to your Paxum and click the reverse link to the bottom right of the screen

For verified Paxum account holders please contact





 ePayService has been added as a payment method for broadcasters. Please note the following

  • You will need to have an existing ePayService account
  • You must enter in a valid EPS Wallet Number (16 digits) in order to connect your account in CAM4
  • Minimum Payout $50 
  • Not Available in the United States and Venezuela

Cash to Tokens

Convert your earnings into CAM4 Tokens to spend on CAM4.

  • Cost: FREE
  • Minimum payment: $0.10 (100 tokens = $10.00)
  • Payment: Immediate

NOTE:As tokens have a cash value the same approval is required as for all payment methods. This approval requires live broadcasts to be completed and the relevant documentation to be uploaded by going to the performer dashboard and following the manage documentation link to provide the necessary documentation for each person appearing on cam

How to request a payment

Make sure you are logged into your account Click the cogwheel in the upper right of your screen and click “Broadcaster Dashboard”.

You will see the following screen

This is your dashboard where you will

  • upload documents for those appearing on cam,
  • Cash out your earnings,
  • see your payment and earning histories.

To request a payment, please click on “CASH OUT” which will show you the following screen:

Euro WireTransfer

  • Cost: Free
  • Minimum payment: $100.00
  • Payments must be requested by MONDAY 11:59pm EST to be included for payment TUESDAY or THURSDAY 11:59pm EST to be included for payment FRIDAY
  • Delivery: Once payment request is sent to the bank on Friday, please expect an additional 7-10 BUSINESS days for SEPA and outside EU 10-14 BUSINESS days
  • Information required: SWIFT code, IBAN, Name and Address of the account holder, Bank name and address, Account holders identification must be uploaded to the account.

Please note

  • When filling out your banking/account information, please do not use special characters (comma, periods, dashes, etc.)
  • Your bank (or intermediary bank) may charge you fees in addition to the fees quoted here. Fees charged by your bank (or intermediary bank) are not under our control. Please consult with your bank prior to requesting payment if you are unsure.

Can I be paid by PayPal?

No, it is not possible for payments to be made via PayPal. The available payment methods are ACH (US only),Euro WireTransfer, Paxum or ePayservice. Additionally you may choose to convert a portion of your earnings to tokens for your own use if you wish to do so.