Bitsafe offers both an E-wallet and a debit card to be used at ATM’s and POS.

Minimum payout: $50 USD

Processed: Daily

Bitsafe MasterCard costs: €29.50 annually. However, when CAM4 broadcasters apply for the Bitsafe account/card through CAM4 the first 6 months will be free of charge. If you use your Bitsafe card during all of these 6 months, the free period is extended for another 18 months.

In other words: if you use your Bitsafe account and card – you will not have to pay any annual fee for the first 2 years.

Costs for receiving money on your Bitsafe account from CAM4: free

Costs for transferring funds from your Bitsafe account to a European bank account (EUR SEPA): €0.75

Costs for cash withdrawal at any ATM in EUR currency: €2


To take advantage of the CAM4 promotion, enter the first and last name of the holder of the new BitSafe account (the holder must have uploaded their documents to the dashboard) then click below to request a new Bitsafe card and create your account.

Please note: The name provided to Bitsafe needs to match the name provided to CAM4 so you can link your Bitsafe account to CAM4 as your preferred payment method. If they do not match the link will not be completed successfully.

To Register new a Bitsafe account through CAM4 

Creating your Bitsafe account

After entering your first and last name in the broadcaster dashboard and clicking on the link to request a New Bitsafe Card/account , a new window will open on the site


Enter all of the required data (name, mobile number, e-mail address, etc.). Verify the email address provided, then verify your activation email by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.


Download the BitSafe app now available in the Android store and on the iOS (iPhone) App Store.

Scan the received QR code to associate your web account with the app and authorize it. Choose a security code to access the application (don’t forget to memorize your code !).

Requesting a Bitsafe card

From the website (not from the app) you can now apply for a BitSafe debit card by clicking “Apply now”.


  • Confirm your contact details and delivery address
  • Choose a 4-digit PIN code for your Bitsafe card. Do not forget to memorize the chosen PIN code!
  • To complete the request, enter the 6-digit verification code sent by SMS to your mobile phone.


After requesting the Bitsafe card from your account on the web, you will need to upload a photo or a readable scan of an invoice (eg gas, electricity, internet bill …) displaying your First name, surname, and address (Upload Utility Bill).

For identity verification it will also be necessary to upload a photo of your valid document via the app and then scan your face using your phone’s camera for facial recognition. Remember to make circular movements of your face following the instructions provided, it may be necessary to repeat this operation. We recommend that you perform this step in good light.

Once the 2 verification processes are complete, you will receive an email with your confirmation of account approval.

NB. If you have applied for the card through the CAM4 dashboard (by entering your name and clicking on the request link), you will not pay the annual cost of 30 EUR for account activation.

Wait for the card dispatch confirmation email and once you have received your BitSafe card you can send the available funds from CAM4 to your BitSafe account. The time to ship and receive the card is approximately 7-14 business days.

If there is any problem with the approval or non-receipt of the card, please write to BitSafe support: