How do I setup a Moderator in My room?

Assign a Moderator








To assign someone as a Moderator in your room, click on their username in the chat or the user list and select Moderator Options > Assign As Moderator.

Moderators can be un-assigned at any time in the same way.


Do I need a Moderator?

No, however, moderators can keep a room moving smoothly while you are performing.

A moderator should never be abusive. Their job should consist of banning spammers and offensive viewers, using the rules you set for your room.

What is a Moderator?

Moderators help control the chat in your room during your broadcast by applying one of several options: Silence, Ban or Kick.

Assign a Moderator

To assign a moderator to your room click the name of the user in the chat or user list and select “Moderator Options > Assign as Moderator”. You may assign more than one moderator to your room by repeating these steps.