How to use your chat settings

You are able to customize your chat experience using your chat settings. These can be found by clicking the small cogwheel in the top right corner of your broadcast window as below:


The chat settings offer you the following options

Chat Settings Overlay

  1. Font Size: This gives you five options ranging from very small to very large to view the chat comfortably
  2. Mute Private Show notification sound: This option can be used to turn off the sound notifications you receive when a private show request is made
  3. Show avatars in chat: This can be used to remove avatars within the chat, this can be helpful on smaller screens
  4. Disable Private Chat: If you prefer not to receive private messages during a show please select this option
  5. Turn off room invites: Blocks invitations to visit other rooms 
  6. Use Chat Filters: This option, in particular, enables you to restrict access to your room to specific groups of people 
    • Users that speak my language
    • Users with tokens
    • My Friends & Favorites
    • Gender (Female, Male, Transgender)
  7. Do not notify me when Gold users enter my room: This can be used to reduce the number of notifications received during a show



How to use My Shop Sale


Please go into your Performer Dashboard and for each “My Shop” item you will see the option to set the item on sale by clicking on “Item Sale”.

When opening “Item Sale” you will see the following options:

  1. Set Duration of the sale 
  2. The new discounted price for viewers. The discounted price needs to be lower than the initial one.
  3. The new discounted price for Fans. The discounted price needs to be lower than the initial one.
  4. Start the sale

When a sale is set on a My shop item you will see the following in your My Shop Area

If you re-enter the Item Sale option on a video that has a Sale set on it you will see all of the information added for that sale, and know exactly when the sale will end, and also have the option to End Sale at any time you wish. The discounted price can’t be changed during a Sale, you will need to End that sale and create a new one if you wish to change the price.

If you choose to end the sale manually you will receive an “Are you sure” confirmation like the one below.


When you enter a performer’s profile and the performer has My Shop items on sale you will see them marked as below and you will be able to buy the video at the discounted price requested by the Performer. 


What is Phishing?

Phishing attacks are intended to collect your personal data, financial information or install viruses/trojans on your machine. They can be delivered by many methods

  • Email: A message containing a link to a malicious website or a faked login form designed to capture your username and password. Typically this mail will offer you something that seems too good to be true (free tokens) or claim you need to visit a link for some urgent reason (to Validate your account or similar)
  • Skype & other messengers: People claiming to be Cam4 staff asking you to do something (private shows, an audition, a problem with your account, etc) or again links that may be malicious or images that may be infected. 
  • Inbox messages: Faked messages saying you received a tip or gift, links requiring login – you may also see these appear in chat

What can you do about it?

  • Don’t reveal personal or financial information in an email, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in email. 
  • Before sending or entering sensitive information online, check the security of the website
  • Pay attention to the website’s URL. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com versus .net). If you look at the site URL in the browser address bar you will see the following

The presence of the padlock to the left of the URL shows that we have the security certificate for the domain and the link is valid. A faked page will not have this. See the example below

  1. The padlock shows with a red line through it, showing this is not a secure site
  2. Note the domain name does include cam4 but is not

Please pay attention to links like this provided through any method, particularly those asking you to login or provide personal information

Protect yourself

  • When in doubt, throw it out: Links in email, tweets, posts, Skype etc are often how information is compromised. If it looks suspicious, even if you think you know the source, it’s best to delete or – if appropriate – mark it as junk.
  • Think before you act: Be wary of communications that ask you to act immediately, offers something that sounds too good to be true or asks for personal information. If you want to check if the request is valid, please contact us directly at, do not use the link you received.
  • Use a strong password: Make sure you do not use the same password for everything. Some tips on using a good password can be found here
  • Lockdown your account: In addition to a good password, make sure to add your security questions for additional protection. You can also add 2-factor authentication by using our SMS verification system

My browser is blocking Flash (Safari)

Due to recent changes, you may find your browser is blocking Flash from running when you try to broadcast. You will see the screen below in Safari


Please click on “Click to use Flash” to bring up the window below


Please choose “User Every Time” or Use Once” as you prefer

My Browser is blocking Flash (Firefox)

Due to recent changes, you may find your browser is blocking Flash from running when you try to broadcast. You will see the screen below in Firefox

This presents you with two choices

Click on Run Adobe Flash and you will see the screen below

Choose Allow to permit access to your cam and microphone

If you wish this to be a permanent change so you don’t see this each time you start please click Remember this decision

My Browser is blocking Flash (Google Chrome)

Due to recent changes you may find your browser is blocking Flash from running when you try to broadcast. You will see the screen below in Google Chrome


Please click on the blocked plug in icon to the top right of the window



This will open a notification which allows you to manage your Flash settings



Please click on manage to change your Flash settings, you will see the screen below



Click the slider to the right of Block sites from running Flash (recommended) and you will see it change from Block to Ask First



Once this is completed, please click the padlock to the left of the address bar as below


From the menu that appears choose the option you prefer

  • Ask – This will request permission for Flash to access your cam and microphone each time you start a broadcast
  • Allow – This will allow Flash access to your cam and microphone until you change the option
  • Block – This will block Flash from accessing your cam and microphone until the option is changed





What is the Transaction Fee on token purchases?

CAM4 uses trusted payment processors to make sure your personal information is secure when you make token purchases. Token purchases have a transaction fee to cover the costs associated with using those payment processors.

Lovense dynamic menu – Tips and Tricks

Bots are included in this extension. They are intended to announce Highest tipper, King tipper and auto-reply when you receive tips. you can configure this in the section called  Chatroom Notifications 

These bots are customizable. You can change the text and the rhythm of publication in your chat.

You can use these messages to promote your Fanclub, your video store or your social networks!

By setting them up in the  Send toy response Notification, you and your moderator will be freed from this repetitive task. You can devote yourself entirely to your fans!

We also advise you to disable the first item called send normal rules & spécial commands. The messages generated by this robot are invasive and you may miss messages from your fans. It is better to personalize the answers to automatically follow the vibrations, to make them unique, funny and sexy. You’ll find it in the last section called auto-reply 

Go to Chatroom Notifications and See below, on the example, how this can be set.


Please Note: If you experience any issues with this Extension, please contact Lovense at

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How to install and set up Lovense dynamic menu

LOVENSE SMARTCAM software will make your live stream more visual by adding an interactive menu to your broadcast screen!
The advantages in using the Lovense SmartCam are

  • Your viewers will see how long the toy vibrates, the intensity level and the tip amount required to make it vibrate.
  • Shows your top 3 tippers.
  • 2 interactive games, Keno and Dice


Download the package containing all the up-to-date tools and software at this link:

This package contains

  • LOVENSE SMARTCAM (the only tool you need to run your dynamic menu). You can uncheck any tools/software you won’t need.

Important: If you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser you must be using LOVENSE EXTENSION UPDATE version 23.0.5

Installing the Complete Package

Start LOVENSE SMARTCAM, and choose your default webcam as a video source:


Connect your Lovense browser and turn on the connected toy. Click on the pink button (your extension), then on “Settings” as below



Next activate and configure your LOVENSE SMARTCAM source in the extension settings, as well as the games.

You should now be on this page:



As you can see, the configuration of your extension is divided into 3 parts:

RULES (your vibrations levels), VIDEO FEEDBACK (video feedback), CHATROOM NOTIFICATION (your notification bots)

Let’s start by activating the link with LOVENSE SMARTCAM:

Click the Video Feedback button, then check the “Connect  to Lovense SmartCam” button



This action is confirmed  by the message “connected”

If your vibration levels are well configured, then your dynamic menu already appears on your LOVENSE SMARTCAM software like this:



Finally, you can customize this dynamic menu by activating options like size, opacity, display/hide vibration levels, display special commands and show the top 3 tippers. You can also display personalized text such as your “goal menu”.



When you change a setting you must confirm by clicking the SAVE button to update the LOVENSE SMARTCAM software and also your live broadcast.

All you have to do now is activate the LOVENSE GAME (Dice or Keno games):

Click on Lovense App gallery as below:



Click the Activate button and go back to the Cam4 items listed below



Click on the gears in the “Dice Game” Apps category,  enter the vibration levels dedicated to the dice, then record the levels as shown below:



In the Video Feedback category, check “Dice  Game” as shown below:



Set the notification bot that matches this “Dice Game” in the Chatroom Notification category  by checking the associated boxes as below:



Start your “Dice Game” game  by clicking the “Start” button



You may review your settings by looking at the Lovense Smartcam software as it appears in your dynamic menu like this



When you’re ready to launch your broadcast remember you must choose the “Lovense Smartcam” video source as below:



Let users know you are playing these games by using the hashtags #lovensegames #lovensedice #lovenseKeno in the show description and in your goal as below:



Using the Lovense Smartcam software will let your customers experience a new way to enjoy your streams, making your show more interactive and entertaining.

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Choosing a Good User Name

Your user name will be visible to everyone visiting CAM4 so you will not want to use any personal information in the name.

Remember, you will be building a profile/brand around your name so make sure it’s something creative and fits who you are.

Also keep in mind the following:

  • CAM4 does not permit user names using the numbers 10-17. Names created are removed and you will need to create a new one.
  • Do not use a password for your account that is associated with your personal accounts.
  • User names are limited to 12 characters.
  • Do not create a user name that suggests or promotes activities prohibited by our terms of service.

If you’re still having trouble choosing a name, here are three websites that can help you