CAM4 Messenger FAQ

  1. What are the key improvements introduced in the new inbox messaging system?
  • The new inbox messaging system brings a completely overhauled user experience and design, offering a fresh and intuitive interface. Users can explore new features designed to transform the way they interact with each other, on both desktop and mobile.
  1. How can I start a new conversation with other users?
  • Click on the icon to initiate a new conversation. You can search for users using filters like recently watched or recently tipped, or simply enter their username in the search bar for real-time results.
  1. How can I organize my conversations in the inbox?
  • You can filter chat threads by the most recent or oldest messages for convenient organization. Additionally, the gear icon allows you to edit existing conversations, select multiple threads for deletion, or star a thread for easy access.
  1. What is the purpose of starring a thread?
  • Starring a thread places it in the starred group section for quick and easy access.
  1. What is a Wink, and how does it work?
  • Non-gold users have three Winks per day, allowing them to express interest and initiate a conversation. Gold users can skip the need for Winks and directly message any user on the platform.
  1. What media features are available in the new inbox?
  • Users can send various media types, including My Shop videos and galleries, directly into the thread conversation. Media can be sorted and shared with other users.
  1. How can broadcasters benefit from the media features?
  • Broadcasters can share fan-only galleries, promoting themselves to users who have purchased a fan club membership
  1. How can I reward performers with tips and gifts?
  • Tips and gifts can be sent directly into private threads to show appreciation for the shared content.
  1. How does the Request Private Show button work?
  • Clicking the button allows users to engage in a private Cam2Cam show in exchange for tokens. This provides a more intimate space for users without the possibility of others spying on the show.
  1. How can users rate each other after a private show?
  • At the end of a private show, users can rate each other. Additionally, earnings and spending for that specific session are visible in the chat.
  1. How can I save a message or media for later reference?
  • Highlight a message or media and press the bookmark icon labeled “Save” to store it chronologically in the Save tab for that thread.
  1. Are there any additional details to explore in the new Inbox Overhaul?
  • Yes, we encourage users to explore the system further to discover all the little details and features. Feel free to reach out to if you have any specific questions or need assistance.

OBS Guide

OBS Guide – Video

Before installing OBS please do a speed test using This will test your connection with our servers.

Based on your results here are our recommendations regarding the resolution and Bitrate (you will need to set this once you configure OBS)

Upload Speed Resolution Bitrate
higher than 9Mbits /s 1920×1080 4000 Kbps
between 5Mbits and 9 Mbits 1280×720 3000 Kbps
between 3Mbits and 5Mbits 960×720 2500 Kbps
between 2Mbits and 3Mbits 800×600 2000 Kbps
less than 2Mbits 640×480 1000 Kbp
  1. Download OBS software from 
     Please Note: There is a phishing campaign at the moment that encourages downloading OBS from non-official sites. Please make sure you download the version available on the official website only
  • Select the Operating System (Windows / MacOS / Linux)
  • Click on Download Installer
  1. Once the download is finished, install the application
  2. Open OBS software
  3. The first time you open OBS you will be asked if you want to Auto Configure OBS → Click CANCEL
  1. Click on + To add a new Video Source
  • Select Video Capture Device
  • Input desired name
  • Check “Make source visible
  • Click OK
  • Device: Select desired Webcam (ex: Logitech C920)
  • Check “Use Preset
  • Resolution: Select the Recommended resolution based on the speed test
  • Frame rate: 30
  • Click OK
  1. Click On SETTINGS
  • Choose the STREAM TAB
  • Select Service → Show All… → CAM4

  • Select Server → CAM4

  • In order to get the Stream Key you need to open the Broadcast Window on Cam4
  • Choose External Encoder
  • Choose Get Stream Key
  • Copy the Stream Key

  • Choose External Encoder
  • Choose Get Stream Key

  • Copy Stream Key
  • Paste the Stream Key from cam4 into the input field
  • Choose the OUTPUT TAB
  • Go to Output Mode – Select Advanced from the dropdown list

IF Encoder is x264 use the following settings:

  • Rate Control: CBR
  • Bitrate: Based on internet speed (see above table)
  • Keyframe Interval (seconds, 0=auto): 1 CPU Usage Preset (higher=less CPU): veryfast or superfast (depending on hardware)
  • Profile: main
  • Tune: zerolatency x264 Options (separated by space): bframes=0
  • Note: For x264 options you need to copy+paste the values manually

IF Encoder is QuickSync use the following settings:

  • Check the box for Enforce streaming service encoder settings
  • Target usage: balanced
  • Profile: main
  • Keyframe Interval (seconds, 0=auto): 1
  • Async Depth: 1
  • Rate Control: CBR
  • Bitrate: The one recommended (see above table)
  • B frames: 0
  • Check the box for Content Adaptive Quantization
  1. Choose the VIDEO TAB
  • Base (Canvas) Resolution: Use the recommended resolution based on the speed test (ex: 1280×720)
  • Output (Scaled) Resolution: Use the same resolution as the Base (Canvas) Resolution
  • Downscale Filter: Bilinear
  • Common FPS Values: 30
  1. Choose the ADVANCED TAB
  • Scroll down to Network Area and check the following box: “Dynamically change bitrate to manage congestion”
  1. Click OK
  2. Click Start Streaming
  1. Open Broadcast window on CAM4 → Select External Encoder
  2. Allow flash (if it asks for it 1.1)
  3. Click Start Broadcast (1.2)

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OBS Tips & Tricks

  • Show / Hide video button for better performance → Recommended for outdated hardware

When the Led indicator is Green (Show Video) the video is displayed on the left side of the chat. In this situation there will be more resources used for streaming

When the Led indicator is Black (Hide video) the video will be replaced by a “black cover”resulting in less resources being used while broadcasting

  • the Video Capture in OBS does not fit the whole screen

In case the image appears as in the above screenshot, you need to Select the Video Capture Device (a red rectangle will appear when selected) → Transform → Fit to Screen

Broadcast Quality

OBS offers feedback and metrics related to the ongoing broadcast such as CPU Usage, Time since starting broadcast, FPS, Dropped Frames, and Bitrate

A green square means that everything is working perfectly, as opposed to a red square indicating there are some issues that maybe caused by high load of CPU, network etc.

In case of HIGH CPU Load close any other windows that you might have (ex: if you have 10 tabs opened in your browser and you don’t need them it’s better to have them closed)

In case of issues with FPS / Bitrate / Dropped Frames – revise the Streaming settings and go down a resolution. In case you’ve initially opted for 1280×720, go down a resolution and see how that works.

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Achievements FAQ


Achievements shine the spotlight on the milestones you reach as a CAM4 member. When you complete different interactions on CAM4 such as uploading photos to your profile, joining a Fan Club, or making a new friend, you can unlock an Achievement badge.

Visit the Achievements section in My Account to track your progress and explore new achievements to unlock. You can display your collection of unlocked achievements on your profile and check out what your friends have unlocked on theirs, helping you find new ways to connect with each other.

Once you’ve unlocked an Achievement, you can use that badge and title in CAM4 chat rooms to add flair to your username and stand out from the crowd! (Coming soon).


You can learn more about available Achievements and track your progress by visiting the Achievement page within the Edit Profile section of My Account.

Any Achievements you earn will also get featured on your CAM4 profile page.


When viewing Achievements in My Account, you can browse between ALL, UNLOCKED, and LOCKED achievements.

ALL will show you a mix of locked, unlocked, and in-progress Achievements. Use UNLOCKED and LOCKED to quickly view only the Achievements you have earned or are in the process of earning, respectively.


You can choose to view your achievements in either a detailed list or a simplified grid by selecting the corresponding toggles at the top of each section


Locked and in-progress Achievement badges are displayed in black and white. Once you have completed the criteria to unlock any Achievement, the badge is displayed in color. By default, all your unlocked and in-progress Achievements are moved to the top of the list, sorted by most recent.

When an Achievement requires multiple actions, for example, uploading more photos to your profile gallery, you’ll see a progress bar appear underneath the badge, which will fill as you complete these actions.


You can tap or click any Achievement to view more details at any time. Doing so will open a panel that will display the following:

  • Achievement badge
  • Achievement title – this is the name of the achievement
  • Achievement description – the specific actions required to unlock the Achievement
  • Progress completion percentage – how much progress has been made so far toward unlocking the achievement
  • Rarity percentage – this indicates how common or rare this Achievement is within the CAM4 community. If less than 10% of other users have completed this goal, congratulations! You can feel proud! If lots of other people have also unlocked the same achievement, that’s great, too. It just means you have even more in common with plenty of potential new friends on CAM4.


When you unlock an Achievement, you’ll be notified in real-time. A small panel will appear in the top right corner of your screen showing you the title and badge of the Achievement you just unlocked. You can choose to interact with this panel for more information, dismiss it by clicking the “x” or simply wait and it will disappear on its own.

If you want more information but didn’t click the Achievement notification in time, not to worry – you can always visit the Achievements section inside My Account to see your unlocked Achievements; the newest ones will always be right at the top waiting for you!


Yes! Unlocked Achievements appear on your CAM4 profile page. You can also see what your friends and other CAM4 members have unlocked on their profile pages.


Yes! We plan to release more Achievements regularly; make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for news in CAM4 email announcements and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.


We’re here to help! If you feel you’re missing an Achievement for an action you’ve completed, we want to know – you can get in touch with us at

OBS Virtual Camera

For an optimal streaming experience on CAM4 please use the ‘OBS External Encoder’ option. We suggest using the ‘OBS Virtual Camera’ option only if you intend to stream on multiple sites simultaneously, or if your primary camera isn’t working on CAM4.

  1. Download OBS software from Select your Operating System (Windows / MacOS / Linux)

  • Click on Download Installer
  1. Once the download is finished install the application
  2. Open OBS software
  3. The first time you Open OBS you will be asked if you want to Auto Configure OBS → Click CANCEL
  1. Click on + To add a new Video Source
  • Select “Video Capture Device”
  • Input desired name
  • Click OK
  • Device: Select your desired Webcam (ex: Logictech C920)
  • Check “Use Preset”
  • Click OK
  1. Open broadcast window on CAM4

! NOTE: You may need to restart your computer to see the Virtual camera in the list

  1. Start Virtual Camera
  1. Select the OBS Virtual Camera from the drop-down menu in the CAM4 broadcast window

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Token Holder Indicator

To assist in keeping track of your tippers’ spending behavior to prioritize your attention during a live show. Integrated within your CAM4 chat, this tool now allows you to identify viewers tipping habits!

As shown in the image above, there is a new “halo” around the avatars that displays how many tokens someone has spent recently, each color represents a different spending tier. If there is no halo then they have not spent any tokens in the last 2 weeks.

Note: The coin icon is still displayed, which means the viewer currently holds at least 1 token in their balance
Clicking the “?” icon brings up the legend which explains each tier (pictured below).
This information is not only displayed in the user list – it can also be seen in the chat, leaderboard, and private message tabs.
Note: This is only visible within your broadcast window, it is not displayed to viewers or other broadcasters.

Room Chat
Private Chat

Note: Gold members who have chosen to watch and tip anonymously will remain anonymous in this feature

Firebase being blocked by Romania ISPs

We are currently seeing issues with Romanian users being unable to connect to CAM4 services. This is due to certain Internet service providers blocking some Google services which we and many other sites rely on to operate streams and chat. 
We are currently working together with Google on resolving this problem but cannot estimate when this will be resolved at this time. 
We of course still want you to be able to use CAM4 during this time and you can do so by either:

Using a VPN

Connecting from outside Romania by using a VPN. This is the simplest way to circumvent all restrictions and it adds an extra layer of security to your connection.

The VPN options that we recommend for Romanian users are:

  • ProtonVPN

  • PrivadoVPN

Contacting your ISP

You can request to your internet service provider (ISP) that they remove the restriction. This may not be an immediate resolution and the ISP may refuse but we have seen instances of this being resolved with some ISPs upon users making a complaint. If you choose to do this, please give your ISP the following message: 

“Buna ziua,

Recent aparut o problema in cadrul retelei care nu imi permite sa ma conectez la care are adresa

Mentionez ca care are adresa, este parte din serviciul Google Firebase care pare sa fie blocat. 

Va rog sa deblocati acest serviciu cat se poate de repede.


Direct Deposit (CA)

  • Cost: Free
  • Minimum Payment: $100.00 USD
  • Payments must be requested by TUESDAY 11:59 EST to be included for payment on WEDNESDAY.
  • Time to Receive Payment: Direct deposit payments are processed weekly with a minimum payment request of $100 USD.
  • Payment will show up on your bank statement as GRANITY MEDIA INC.

    Bank Name Also Known As Institution Number
    Royal Bank of Canada RBC 003
    Toronto-Dominion Bank TD, TD Canada Trust 004
    Bank of Nova Scotia Scotia Bank 002
    Bank of Montreal BMO 001
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CIBC 010

If your Canadian Direct Deposit Bank ID is only 3 digits, please add a 0 (zero) to the beginning of the number.

  • Simplii Financial is also popular as it’s a lower fee offshoot of CIBC:
    Instead of having its own Institution Number, Simplii Financial shares Institution Number 010 with its parent CIBC and all Simplii clients share a branch-transit number of 30800.
  • Laurentian Bank operates mostly in the province of Quebec and the Bank ID is 0039.
  • Tangerine Bank is also popular and is the lower fee offshoot of Scotiabank and the Bank ID is 0614.
  • Meridian Credit Union  has the Bank ID 0837.

NOTE: Funds will be sent to your account in CAD. Your bank may charge you fees in addition to the fees quoted here. Fees charged by your bank are not under our control.  Please consult with your bank prior to requesting a payment if you are unsure.

C4Broadcaster FAQ & Streaming Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my streaming disconnect sometimes after a couple of minutes of streaming with a message called “Disconnected due to poor network” ?

C4Broadcaster has a built-in mechanism in which it adapts the quality of the stream depending on your network condition (both wi-fi and mobile data). In general, disconnecting occurs after a certain time period due to the stream becoming unviewable because of the bad network conditions, so we automatically disconnect you.

In order to let you know when you’re in a zone where the signal strength of the network is low, we have added a signal icon with three tiers of colors. When pressing the icon, a popup is shown with extra details regarding your estimated network speed and network connection quality.

Why is there a size limit for uploading videos on the MyShop from inside C4Broadcaster?

C4Broadcaster’s main role is to enable broadcasters to stream and record their shows from anywhere. Videos uploaded from the application must have a maximum size of 100MB. Videos larger than that should be uploaded from the your device’s browser or from a PC.

Why can’t I see the chat, see viewers or notifications?

If the chat connection fails, you won’t be able to see chat messages, the viewers count or tips received. Keep an eye on the chat connection indicator on the main chat room.
Note that even in case the chat connection is down, the streaming is a separate component which can work in parallel.

Having problems logging in, what should I do?

Please make sure the credentials you are using are correct. If you receive a “Server is unreacheable error” then please follow the instructions in the error.
If you’re still having problems, please contact CAM4 support

Face masks and image filters are not available on my device

Not all devices support face masks and image filters. We are doing our best to support as many devices as possible.

Having issues with pairing/connecting my Lovense device

Please make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and the GPS sensor is active. If it still doesn’t work, then the device may not compatible with your phone

How can I silence, kick or ban someone from the chat?

The Moderation Popup can be opened by long-pressing on a chat message from a viewer. This will allow executing certain actions towards or against that user.
The supported actions are:

  • Add as friend / Remove friend

  • Add as favorite / Remove favorite

  • Add as moderator / Remove moderator

  • Silence / Unsilence

  • Kick

  • Ban

Additionally, the private show rating, the gold membership status and the avatar of the user are shown.

How can I contact customer support from the application?

Open the menu by sliding from left to right and click on the Customer Support item to open Intercom. From there, follow the steps needed to open a chat with a customer support representative.

How can give feedback on the application?

We always welcome feedback from our users and our application is tailored on their needs. Opening the Intercom from the menu is the simplest and fastest way to talk to a CAM4 representative and propose your ideas!

How can I access account management features such as the broadcaster dashboard via C4 Broadcaster?

The menu allows you to navigate between sections of the application. In order to access it, swipe from left-to-right.

The menu gives you the ability to access:

  • Your broadcaster dashboard

  • Manager your documentation

  • Upload a video (max limit. 100MB)

  • Handle your incoming friend requests

  • Contact support via Intercom

  • FAQ

  • Start the tutorial

  • Logout

How can I see the insights of my broadcasts?

Open the menu by sliding from left to right and click on the Broadcaster’s Dashboard item. It will open the broadcaster dashboard and from there you can go to the Insights Tab

My camera preview is too dark, what can I do?

If your camera preview is too dark, swipe right-to-left and toggle the “Increase camera brightness” option. This should allow the camera to capture more frames while reducing the framerate of the video. Recommended for usage in dark environments

I have updated my application and it doesn’t work anymore

If after an update, you are experiencing issues with the application, please contact the CAM4 support so we can address this issue as quickly as possible and offer you a solution for the best experience.

How do I turn off my microphone?

Swipe from the right of the screen to open the menu, then turn the microphone toggle off. If the option is not present then unfortunately it is not possible for your device.

Can I set a moderator from C4 Broadcaster?

Yes, long click on a user’s name will bring up the moderation popup. From there, you can add him as a friend/favourite or as a moderator.

Can I set a password for my room?

No, password-protected private rooms are not available on C4 Broadcaster

How can I have my viewers’ chat messages translated?

To enable the Chat Translator on C4Broadcaster, go to the Settings page and look at the Chat Settings category.

You can enable the chat translator by pressing on the toggle on the row.

To change the translator language, select the desired one from the languages list

Streaming tips:

The network conditions are key to a good streaming experience. Wi-Fi is usually recommended since it’s more stable than an indoor mobile data connection. Also, keep an eye on the signal state of the network, going too far from the router or going in certain places where the signal is low, might disrupt the streaming experience both for you and your viewers.

Lightning is another key component to a good streaming experience. Usage of the device’s flashlight is recommended in dark rooms or environments, as well as turning on the Increase camera brightness.

Keeping the device steady will also contribute to a good experience. Using phone stands or selfie sticks might prove useful.

If you own an eligible Samsung device, you can use Your Phone app to mirror your screen onto your PC.



Pairing Lovense With C4 Broadcaster

In order to pair up your Lovense device with C4Broadcaster, you need to do the following steps:

  • Press and hold the power button on your Lovense device

  • Open up C4Broadcaster, go to the Settings page and click on the Lovense toggle

  • A popup will appear with devices found around your mobile phone

  • Click on the device you want to pair. A notification will appear on top once the pairing has been successful.


    After an initial pairing, each time you will start the Lovense device after entering C4Broadcaster, it will be automatically connected to your phone