We are now offering CommDoo, a pay by call solution for Landlines only in DE, AT, CH, and Landlines + Mobile phones in the UK. You will see a new option in the Buy tokens overlay, besides Credit card, Paysafe, and Paypal there will also be a new option, “Pay by phone”.

How will it work?

  • For smaller token packages (up to 30 euros) a 1-second drop charge call is sufficient. The charges will be billed via your phone bill. For this option, the call lasts one second only and after that one second, it ends automatically.
  • For larger token packages (up to 250 tokens) you must call 2 times. For this option, you will need to wait on the line until the bar from the pop-up payment loads 100%.



Struggling to build an audience?

Just logged on and want to kickstart your show?

Now you can BOOST your room higher in the directory for just 25 tokens! The boost will last 5 minutes, and any new viewers you gain in that time will help increase your rank further once the boost ends!

How it Works: 

You will now notice the new BOOST button on your screen after starting a LIVE broadcast.

. This feature (once purchased) will increase your position by half of your current position.

Position 6 = BOOST’s to position 3
Position 30 = BOOST’s to position 15
Position 48 = BOOST’s to position 24

Click on the “BOOST” button to start the feature.

It costs 25 tokens to BOOST yourself for a full 5 mins.

When you click on “Proceed” the cost of the BOOST will be deducted from your CAM4 account and your cam will be re-positioned on the directory page. 

What Happens when BOOST starts?

  1. You will see a message in your chat letting you know who purchased the boost.
  2. There is a bar on your broadcast window that will slowly fill up as the time runs out. 
  3. The BOOST button is now inactive, this mean you cannot click on it. The text has also changed to read” Boost Active” and includes a count down. 

What Happens When the BOOST ends?

  1. The button will say “Boost” again become active enabling you to click on it again.
  2. You will see a message in the chat window that will tell you that the BOOST has ended and display how many viewers you gained during that BOOST.
  3. Your directory position will change, but not necessarily back to your original position – because your new position will reflect increases in your viewers due to the boost.

Viewers can BOOST you too!!

Viewers are always looking for ways to support their favorite broadcasters. Why not encourage them to use the Boost feature on you?  With their help, boosting can really make a difference in your performance and exposure on CAM4. 


CAM of the Month/Day Contest

CAM of the Day

Each day CAM4 recognizes 20 broadcasters who have the most logged-in viewers in their room during a single broadcast. In addition to the award, each of the 20 broadcasters is awarded points according to their position.

Point Breakdown

  • 1st place – 7 points
  • 2nd place – 6 points
  • 3rd place – 5 points
  • 4th place – 4 points
  • 5th to 9th place – 3 points
  • 10th to 14th place – 2 points
  • 15th to 20th place – 1 point

At the end of the month, points are added up and the top 20 broadcasters with the most points are eligible to win a cash prize for our CAM of the Month Contest!

The competition rules can be found at

CAM of the Month

Broadcasters with the most points for CAM of the Day, who meet the minimum earnings requirement of $250 during each month’s contest and are within the guidelines stated in the rules are eligible to win a cash prize.

Prize breakdown:

  • 1st place – $2,500
  • 2nd place – $2,000
  • 3rd place – $1,500
  • 4th place – $1,000
  • 5th to 9th place – $750
  • 10th to 14th place – $500
  • 15th to 20th place – $250

A list of previous winners can be found at


  • Must earn a minimum of $250 during each month’s contest period. Bonuses and contest prizes are excluded.
  • Tips from other performers/studios do not count toward the minimum required earnings.
  • Only logged in viewers count towards peak viewer* total.
  • A broadcaster can only win once per day/month.
  • A valid email address must be on file so we can contact you if you win.
  • Employees, contractors, and coaches of CAM4 are ineligible to participate.
  • Shows violating our terms of service will be automatically disqualified.
  • Cheaters will be disqualified for that month. Repeat cheaters will be permanently removed from the contest.
  • Harassment of any kind toward CAM4 staff or members will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the contest.
  • CAM4 Admin decision is final.

*PEAK VIEWERS – are members who are logged in and viewing your broadcast. You can view the number of peak viewers for any broadcast by going into the Broadcaster Dashboard > Insights > Live Broadcasts

Tipping games on C4Broadcaster

Tipping games are available when using the C4Broadcaster app on android devices!

  • What games are available in the app?
    Roll the dice, spin the wheel and token keno are all now available to be used.
  • How do I turn on the games?
    Tap the games icon from the list on the right, then choose the game you want to play!


  • Once you have made the selection, you will be able to set the prizes before pressing “start game” at the bottom of the screen to begin.


  • What is the games history button?
    When a game is running you’ll see this icon in the top left. Tap it and you’ll be able to review any activity in the game so you can remind yourself which prizes have been won if you missed the notification. Tap it again to return to the chat.



  • What is the clock icon under games history?
    If there is a clock icon that means someone has tipped to play the game, so it is on cooldown for 1 minute to allow time gor you to complete that prize. Once the timer runs out the game will resume. While the clock is active “game history” will be replaced by the name of the person playing the game and the result.
  • How do I stop the game?
    Tap the games icon again, and choose “End game”.
  • Can I edit the prizes while the game is active?
    No, you must end the game first.


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Payment Methods by Country

CAM4 features several different payment method options, depending on your country. See a full list here.

Available Payment methods

Availability by Country

COUNTRY ACH CrossCard ePayService Euro Wire Paxum
Afghanistan         X
Albania     X X X
Algeria     X   X
American Samoa     X   X
Andorra     X X X
Angola     X   X
Anguilla     X   X
Antartica         X
Antigua and Barbuda     X   X
Argentina     X   X
Armenia     X   X
Aruba     X   X
Australia     X   X
Austria   X X X X
Azerbaijan     X X X
Bahamas     X   X
Bahrain     X X X
Bangladesh     X   X
Barbados     X   X
Belarus     X   X
Belgium   X X X X
Belize     X   X
Benin     X   X
Bhutan     X   X
Bolivia     X   X
Bosnia & Herzegovina     X X X
Botswana     X   X
Brazil     X X X
Brunei     X   X
Bulgaria   X X X X
Burkina Faso     X   X
Burundi     X   X
Cambodia     X   X
Cameroon     X   X
Canada     X   X
Central African Republic     X   X
Chad     X   X
Chile     X   X
China     X   X
Colombia     X   X
Comoros     X – NO CARD   X
Congo         X
Costa Rica     X X X
Côte d’Ivoire         X
Croatia   X X X X
Cuba         X
Cyprus   X X X X
Czech Republic   X X X X
Denmark   X X X X
Djibouti     X   X
Dominica     X   X
Dominican Republic     X X X
East Timor       X X
Ecuador     X   X
Egypt     X   X
El Salvador     X   X
Equatorial Guinea     X   X
Eritrea         X
Estonia   X X   X
Ethiopia     X   X
Faroe Islands       X X
Fiji     X   X
Finland   X X X X
France   X X X X
Gabon     X   X
Gambia     X   X
Georgia     X X X
Germany   X X X X
Ghana     X   X
Gibraltar       X X
Greece   X X X X
Greenland       X X
Grenada     X   X
Guam     X   X
Guatemala     X X X
Guinea     X   X
Guyana     X   X
Haiti     X   X
Holy See         X
Honduras     X   X
Hong Kong     X   X
Hungary   X X X X
Iceland   X X X X
India     X – NO CARD   X – NO CARD
Indonesia     X   X
Iran         X
Iraq         X
Ireland   X X X X
Israel     X X X
Italy   X X X X
Jamaica     X   X
Japan     X   X
Jordan     X X X
Kazakhstan     X X X
Kenya         X
Kiribati     X   X
Kosovo       X X
Kuwait     X X X
Kyrgyzstan     X   X
Laos     X   X
Latvia   X   X X
Lebanon         X
Lesotho     X   X
Liberia         X
Libya         X
Liechtenstein   X X X X
Lithuania   X X X X
Luxembourg   X X X X
Macedonia       X X
Madagascar     X X X
Malawi     X   X
Malaysia     X   X
Maldives     X   X
Mali     X   X
Malta   X X X X
Marshall Islands     X   X
Mauritania     X X X
Mauritius     X X X
Mexico     X   X
Micronesia     X   X
Moldova     X   X
Monaco     X X X
Mongolia     X   X
Montenegro     X X X
Morocco     X   X
Mozambique     X   X
Myanmar         X
Namibia     X   X
Nauru     X   X
Nepal     X   X
Netherlands   X X X X
New Zealand     X   X
Nicaragua     X   X
Niger     X   X
Nigeria         X
North Korea         X
Norway   X X X X
Oman     X   X
Pakistan       X X
Panama     X   X
Papua New Guinea     X   X
Paraguay     X   X
Peru     X   X
Philippines     X   X
Poland   X X X X
Portugal   X X X X
Qatar     X X X
Reunion     X   X
Romania   X X X X
Russia     X   X
Rwanda     X   X
Saint Kitts & Nevis     X   X
Saint Lucia     X   X
Samoa     X   X
San Marino     X X X
Sao Tome & Principe     X   X
Saudi Arabia     X X X
Senegal     X   X
Serbia     X X X
Seychelles     X   X
Sierra Leone     X   X
Singapore     X   X
Slovakia   X X X X
Slovenia   X X X X
Solomon Islands     X   X
Somalia         X
South Africa     X   X
South Korea         X
South Sudan         X
Spain   X X X X
Sri Lanka     X   X
State of Palestine         X
Sudan         X
Suriname     X   X
Swaziland     X   X
Sweden   X X X X
Switzerland     X X X
Syria         X
Taiwan         X
Tajikistan     X   X
Tanzania     X   X
Thailand     X   X
Timor-Leste     X    
Togo     X   X
Tonga     X   X
Trinidad and Tobago     X   X
Tunisia     X   X
Turkey     X X X
Turkmenistan     X   X
Tuvalu     X   X
Uganda     X   X
Ukraine     X X X
United Arab Emirates     X X X
United Kingdom (UK/GB)   X X X X
United States X       Business – NO CARD
Uruguay     X   X
Uzbekistan     X   X
Vanuatu     X   X
Venezuela         X
Viet Nam     X   X
Virgin Islands     X X X
Yemen         X
Zambia     X   X
Zimbabwe         X

C4 Broadcaster

We hope you’re enjoying using our C4 broadcasting app. If this is your first time or you just need a refresher you may find it useful to go over the main functions of the app. More settings such as microphone controls and private show settings are available by swiping from the right edge of the screen.

  1. Tap this to bring up the edit goal field, where you can set your token goal and status message.
  2. This is the number of tokens received during the current broadcast. Tap this to bring up the leader-board.
  3. This is the current viewer count. Tap it to bring up the list of logged-in viewers
  4. The record button, tap this to record a video from the broadcast. Later you can upload the recording to your “my shop”!
  5. Red and live indicates the broadcast is active. Tap this to end the broadcast. If the broadcast is not active it will be grey and read “offline” instead.
  6. If a game is active this is where your game activity and information is. Tap the dice icon to bring up the game history.
  7. Camera switch. Use this to change between the front and back cameras
  8. Orientation switch. Press this to swap between landscape and portrait modes.
  9. Face masks and filters
  10. Game center. If a game is active the icon will be red. Press here to start a game, change the game settings, or to end the current game.
  11. Private show requests will appear here, in the center of the screen.
  12. The username of the person chatting. Press here to open a private conversation. Long press to bring up the moderation tools (which we have done here). You can use these to ban, kick or silence people in your room. Note the gold background indicating he is a gold member and the token icon indicating he has some tokens.
  13. Usually, this is where the chat message is displayed. Because we have long pressed the message the moderation tools appear. Pressing the X on the right will return us to the chat message.
  14. These are active conversations. The purple one on the left is public chat. The one with a username and avatar is a private chat with that member. To swap between them tap the relevant conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off my microphone?

Swipe from the right of the screen to open the menu, then turn the microphone toggle off. If the option is not present then unfortunately it is not possible for your device.

Why can’t I see certain options on my phone?

Some options such as face masks or the microphone toggle may be unavailable on some devices due to technical limitations from the manufacturer.

Can I connect my toy to C4 Broadcaster?

No, it is not currently possible to connect any devices such as live touch or Lovense toys to C4 Broadcaster

Can I set a moderator from C4 Broadcaster?

Moderators cannot be set or removed using C4 Broadcaster.

Can I set a password for my room?

No, password-protected private rooms are not yet available on C4 Broadcaster

Why am I getting the message “Disconnecting due to poor network connection”?

The speed may be too low, or your phone’s connection may have dropped. If you are seeing this a lot, please contact

Why am I getting the message “The server cannot be reached”?

This could be an issue with network equipment, or your provider restricting access to adult content. If you can reach other adult websites on the same connection please contact with your connection information and IP address so we can investigate further.

Why is my camera so dark?
If you find your camera is too dark please open the menu by swiping from the right and toggle the “increase camera brightness” option.

Private Shows

Private shows are available when using the app to broadcast! You can change the settings by opening the menu by swiping from the right and making your choices from the options under the “Private shows” heading.


Fixed time private shows and cam2cam are not currently available.

When someone requests a private show you’ll receive a popup in the middle of your screen with options to accept or decline the show. You’ll also see information such as their username, the number of tokens they currently hold, and their gold status to help you make an informed decision. Tap the red cross to decline the show, or tap the green tick to accept the show and immediately go private. If you are not yet ready to take the private show you can tap the grey clock icon to suspend the request. You have 2 minutes to accept or decline the private show after it has been requested .


When the show is underway you’ll see a timer in the top left with a “stop” button. Tap the stop button at any time to end the show.



Once the show has ended you’ll see a receipt, letting you know how many tokens you earned for the private show!

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SFW (safe-for-work) Galleries

Some countries and states are now requiring adult sites to offer a non-explicit version of the site to viewers till they are age verified. Having images in this gallery will ensure that you show up on all versions of CAM4!

What is considered an SFW (safe-for-work) image?

Images in your SFW Gallery should be without nudity which means no photos of genital’s or sexual acts (real or simulated). Breasts and nipples are permitted.

How do I use the SFW Gallery

1. Go to My Account
2. Choose Galleries
3. Choose SFW Gallery


4. You can upload up to 10 images to this gallery


Please note:

  • Only use images to which you own the copyright.
  • Do not include images showing others who are not approved on your account.
  • No pictures of children.
  • No images of weaponry or violence.

Cam4: Twitter Terms Of Service update


Guidelines For Broadcasters

Twitter is updating its Terms of Service, effective January 1st, 2020.
The update will affect the type of Adult Content users can tweet. Adult Content includes many things, including nudity (part or full) and sex (real or simulated).
Here is what you need to know to keep your Twitter account from being suspended:
  • Links to CAM4 and your CAM4 Profile
  • Posts, shares or live video, that don’t feature Adult Content
  • Links to photos or videos of Adult Content hosted on other sites
NOT Allowed?
  • Photos or videos featuring Adult Content included directly in tweets
  • Pictures or videos featuring BDSM
  • Pictures or videos featuring bodily fluids such as semen
For more information, you can read the full guidelines at

Chat Settings

You are able to customize your chat experience using your chat settings. These can be found by clicking the small cogwheel in the top right corner of your broadcast window as below:


The chat settings offer you the following options

Chat Settings Overlay

  1. Font Size: This gives you five options ranging from very small to very large to view the chat comfortably
  2. Mute Private Show notification sound: This option can be used to turn off the sound notifications you receive when a private show request is made
  3. Show avatars in chat: This can be used to remove avatars within the chat, this can be helpful on smaller screens
  4. Disable Private Chat: If you prefer not to receive private messages during a show please select this option
  5. Turn off room invites: Blocks invitations to visit other rooms 
  6. Use Chat Filters: This option, in particular, enables you to restrict access to your room to specific groups of people 
    • Users that speak my language
    • Users with tokens
    • My Friends & Favorites
    • Gender (Female, Male, Transgender)
  7. Do not notify me when Gold users enter my room: This can be used to reduce the number of notifications received during a show



How to use My Shop Sale


Please go into your Broadcasters Dashboard and for each “My Shop” item you will see the option to set the item on sale by clicking on “Item Sale”.

When opening “Item Sale” you will see the following options:

  1. Set Duration of the sale 
  2. The new discounted price for viewers. The discounted price needs to be lower than the initial one.
  3. The new discounted price for Fans. The discounted price needs to be lower than the initial one.
  4. Start the sale

When a sale is set on a My shop item you will see the following in your My Shop Area

If you re-enter the Item Sale option on a video that has a Sale set on it you will see all of the information added for that sale, and know exactly when the sale will end, and also have the option to End Sale at any time you wish. The discounted price can’t be changed during a Sale, you will need to End that sale and create a new one if you wish to change the price.

If you choose to end the sale manually you will receive an “Are you sure” confirmation like the one below.


When you enter a broadcaster’s profile and the broadcaster has My Shop items on sale you will see them marked as below and you will be able to buy the video at the discounted price requested by the broadcaster.