Token Holder Indicator

To assist in keeping track of your tippers’ spending behavior to prioritize your attention during a live show. Integrated within your CAM4 chat, this tool now allows you to identify viewers tipping habits!

As shown in the image above, there is a new “halo” around the avatars that displays how many tokens someone has spent recently, each color represents a different spending tier. If there is no halo then they have not spent any tokens in the last 2 weeks.

Note: The coin icon is still displayed, which means the viewer currently holds at least 1 token in their balance
Clicking the “?” icon brings up the legend which explains each tier (pictured below).
This information is not only displayed in the user list – it can also be seen in the chat, leaderboard, and private message tabs.
Note: This is only visible within your broadcast window, it is not displayed to viewers or other broadcasters.

Room Chat
Private Chat

Note: Gold members who have chosen to watch and tip anonymously will remain anonymous in this feature