What are CAM4 Browser Notifications?

CAM4 Browser Notifications lets you know when your favorite broadcasters are broadcasting live, so you never miss them in action.

If one of your favorite broadcasters is broadcasting when you come online or starts broadcasting while you’re online, a notification will appear in your browser. You can click it to easily start watching the show.

How do I enable CAM4 Browser Notifications?

Browser Notifications are enabled by default. Just favorite some broadcasters and you’ll be notified when they start performing!

Once you see a notification for the first time, your browser will ask if you accept desktop notifications.

Are CAM4 Browser Notifications active when I’m not on CAM4?

No, you will only receive CAM4 Browser Notifications when have CAM4 open in a browser window and are logged in to your account.

However, if you accept desktop notifications, you will receive CAM4 Browser Notifications while surfing the web, reading emails, or anything else on your computer – if you have CAM4 open in a browser.

Do the notifications repeat?

No. Notifications for the same broadcaster aren’t repeated, so you won’t be spammed by unwanted messages.

How do I disable CAM4 Browser Notifications?

Disabling Browser Notifications depends on the browser you use:

Click Safari in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Select Preferences.
Switch to the Websites tab within the Preference popup window

Scroll down and open the Notifications settings menu

Disable the checkbox — Allow websites to ask for permission to send notifications


Open Chrome and click on the three dots in the upper-right corner

Select Privacy and Security on the left, and then click Site Settings

Scroll down to Permissions and select Notifications

Disable or adjust Chrome notifications in this area


Click the padlock in the address bar.

Click the arrow in the Site Information drop-down panel.

Click More information in the next panel to bring up the Page Info Window

Click the Permissions tab.

Under Send Notifications, select Block