Live show Scheduling: How to schedule your shows

Get more viewers and manage your time better with our new Live Show Scheduling tool. Your fans can subscribe to your schedule, which will send them notifications before you go live. You can schedule shows up to 90 days in advance and have an unlimited number of subscribers. This is the perfect way to make more tokens and build more buzz around your shows!

Schedule up to 5 shows per day whether they’re a short morning show or a longer sensual weekend show. Tease your subscribers with a description of what to expect in your show – oil show? Know when you’re bringing a guest on? This is how you’ll build buzz and guarantee more viewers! Preset your goals so viewers know what to expect and when to restock their token stash.

Get your fans can easily subscribe to your schedule from your Cam4 profile, all they have to do is click the orange Subscribe button and automatically receive updates on your naughty plans.

Here’s how you can take your Cam4 shows to the next level:

Sign into your Cam4 account with your username and password you will then need to access your calendar. This can be reached in two ways

1. Click the calendar icon to the top right of the cam4 page

My Account Panel

2. Click My Account to access your profile options and select the Calendar link

Profile Options

Click Schedule Show on the Calendar page

Calendar Options

Now add in the details for your shows:

Schedule Show

1. Your Time Zone – Edit your Time Zone in the Edit Profile Info tab

2. The date your Live Show will take place

3. The Start Time – When your Live Show begins

4. Duration – How long you intend the show to be

5. A brief Description of what the show will involve

6. Repeat Event: For regular shows, please choose from daily, weekly or monthly

7. Repeat For: Choose the number of times to repeat a daily, weekly or monthly event

Finish scheduling your Live Show by clicking Create New Show.

To manage your calendar click the Calendar icon next to your username. From here, you can see when you’ve scheduled a broadcast, edit your scheduled shows by clicking the pencil icon, and add more shows.


How many shows may I schedule for one day? You may schedule up to 5 shows on each date.

Am I required to do the shows that I schedule?  We encourage you to keep your schedule up-to-date and make changes to the details of upcoming shows if you are unable to broadcast during the scheduled time. By not performing in the shows that you schedule, you risk upsetting your fans. That may mean losing subscribers and tips!

How do I edit or cancel a scheduled show?  To delete or edit the details of a show, click on the [Edit Show Icon] in the Live Show Schedule.

How do I export my Live Show Schedule to Google Calendar/iCal/Outlook?

a. Sign in to Cam4 with your username and password.

b. Click the Calendar Icon, or click Manage My Calendar in the My Account tab.

c. Below the Calendar, click on the icon for the Calendar application you wish to export your Calendar to.

    i. iCal

    ii. Outlook

    iii. Google Cal

d. Click “OK” to finish the export and update your Calendar.

How far in advance may I schedule a live show? You may schedule Live Shows up to 90 days from the current date.

How do I change my timezone? To change your timezone when scheduling a show, click the Edit Profile Info tab in the Manage My Account page and select your timezone from the dropdown menu.

My show was recorded and uploaded

Whether you broadcast or post images online you run the risk of someone reposting your content. If you find your CAM4 videos/images are uploaded to another website please send an email using the email address associated with your CAM4 account to

Please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Full Name
  • The URL /  link of the website where you found your videos/images.
  • The URL / link to each page where your videos/images can be found.
  • Please include screenshots of the pages showing your content

While every effort will be made to have your content removed, please be aware that not all websites will honor a DMCA Takedown request.

Cam4 Private Shows

Private Shows are a great way to make more money. Viewers pay per minute until they end the session or run out of tokens (Price options are in point 11. below). While in a Private Show, you can enable Spy mode. This allows Spy viewers to watch your show but not have access to the chat. And of course, you can chose to disable and enable Private & Spy Show functions at any time.


1.What is a Cam4 Private Show?

Cam4 Private Shows let your viewers get a much more exclusive experience from your broadcast, a personal show featuring a private chat that only you and the viewer can see, while you earn tokens every second.

2.What is a Spy Show?

During a Private Show, other viewers may tune in as Spies. Spies can watch the broadcast by paying a set amount of tokens per minute, but they cannot see or participate in the chat.

3.How do I enable Private Show requests?

Private Show requests can be enabled and disabled from the toolbar below the broadcast window.

4.What happens when the Private Show ends?

When you are ready, you may end the Private Show and return to the public broadcast by clicking End Current Show button.

5.What happens to the rest of my viewers when I accept a Private Show?

While you are in a Private Show, your viewers may remain in the public room and chat while they wait. If you have Spy Shows enabled, viewers may watch the Private Show broadcast (but not see the chat) for a set amount of tokens per minute.

6.Can I disable Spies in my Private Shows?

Yes. Spy Shows can be enabled and disabled from the Private Show Settings window. Remember, enabling Spy Shows is a good way to earn extra tokens and keep viewers watching your broadcast while in a Private Show.

7.What happens to the goals that were active before beginning a Private Show?

The goals on your public broadcast remain in place and will continue once you return to the room when your Private Show ends.

8.Can members tell if I’m in a Private Show?

Yes. During Private Shows your directory thumbnail will include a key-shaped icon, and a notice will be displayed on the broadcast window in your room. Viewers who enter the room while you are in a Private Show may wait for it to finish or watch the Private Show as spies.

9.How do viewers request a Private Show?

If you have Private Shows enabled, viewers may request Private Shows by clicking a Request Private Show button below your broadcast feed.

10.How do I accept Private Show requests?

Notifications for Private Show requests appear on the toolbar below the broadcast window. Pending requests are also found here while you are in a Private Show.

11.How do I earn tokens from Private Shows?

Private Shows have variable pricing, you can choose from any of the following for your shows

12 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy
18 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy
24 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy * (default)
24 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy
30 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy
30 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy

12. How long are Private Shows?

Private Shows continue until the Viewer runs out of tokens, or either you or the viewer choose to stop the Private Show by clicking the [End Private Show] button.

13. What is the difference between Private Rooms and the new Private Shows?

Performers with Gold Memberships may create Private Rooms, which only viewers with the password may enter. All Performers may enable Private Shows on their Public Broadcasts, which creates a separate Private Broadcast for the viewer, which costs tokens per minute.

14. Can I still advertise Private Skype shows for tokens?

Yes. You may still advertise private shows for your viewers. As always, you may only accept tokens in exchange for items and services you advertise on Cam4.

How do I use Manycam with Cam4?

If you wish to use ManyCam with Cam4 please do the following:-

  • Right click where the video should be and take settings from the menu that appears,
  • Click the small cam icon and make sure the dropdown list for the cam source is set to ManyCam Virtual Webcam” or “ManyCam Video Source“.
  • Click the small microphone icon and make sure that ManyCam Virtual Microphone” is selected as the source

Why does my video stop and start?

This can happen for a number of reasons including:

  • A lot of people moving around on cam
  • flashing lights
  • picking up your cam and moving the view to show something in the room to your viewers

Why does it happen?

To make the video flow smoothly, only those pixels that change are transmitted with each frame. There is no reason to keep transmitting static pixels (those displaying the wall behind you for example), this keeps the amount of data being resent with each frame to a minimum and the video is smooth. If you have multiple people moving around a lot or flashing lights then there are more changes, meaning more pixels that need to be transmitted with each frame.

If you have an 8 Megapixel camera (8 million pixels) that runs at 30 frames per second, that works out to 240 million pixels per second that need to be transmitted in order to keep up with the movement. The result of this is jerky video.

Two things to remember!

  1. When you are looking at your own video, this is displayed locally on your computer. So it will run more smoothly than for those watching your broadcast elsewhere
  2. If you move your cam to give your viewers a “quick look” at something, they are unlikely to see what you are trying to show as your cam will start dropping frames as it struggles to keep up with the changes.

Choosing the Best HD Webcam

Broadcasting your show in stunning high-definition with Cam4 HD requires an HD webcam.

There are several options available on the market that support 720p streaming – here are the cams that our Model Coach Nikki Night personally recommends:

External Webcams:

Logitech C920

Logitech HD c920 $140 on Amazon

Fully HD 1080p video recording with smooth HD 720p video calling.

The glass lens and Logitech Fluid CrystalTM Technology give you focus, clarity, and brilliant quality videos.

Widescreen captures more of your room allowing you to change locations and move freely without adjusting the cam. Great for Cam4 HD!


Logitech C930e Webcam $180 on Amazon

An extra wide 90 degree field and 1080 pixel resolution frees you to cam from the bed to the stripper pole to the couch to the floor. The flexible base acts as a mini tripod, saving you another cost while offering smooth tilting, pans, and zooming.

This is a revolutionary cam with no drivers, downloads, or disks. Simply turn it on and go. More technical features include 4 x digital zoom, full-HD ability, and USB connection.

Integrated Webcams:

Recent models of Apple and Lenovo laptops come with an HD integrated webcam, which is fully compatible with Cam4 HD

How Do I Improve My Broadcast Quality?

If you are noticing that the image quality of your broadcast is poor or if your viewers are complaining about choppiness, lag or blur the following tips may improve your stream.


Which browser are you using? CAM4 recommends that you broadcast in GoogleChrome. Mozilla Firefox and Safari are also good options.


Are you using a WIFI connection? Stay close to the router to make sure you have maximum WIFI signal or try connecting your computer to your router using a network cable.


Is your laptop plugged-in? If you are broadcasting from a laptop make sure it is plugged into the power source. While running on battery, the performance decreases considerably.


Are you running other applications? It is recommended to close all unnecessary programs while broadcasting. These utilize computer as well as Internet resources and this affects the quality of your broadcast.


Do you use the Auto resolution? It is recommended to choose Auto in the resolutions list when you start the broadcast so that CAM4 may automatically choose the best settings suited for your computer configuration.


Do you have a good webcam? USB external cameras are in general better than integrated cameras. It is recommended to use an HD and high frame-rate camera.


Do you have a bright room? Make sure you have enough light in room you broadcast from to avoid blur in you show.


How fast is your computer? Make sure that you have the right computer configuration for the video quality that you expect. See our recommendations bellow.



Minimum Configuration

Medium Configuration



Suitable for

Broadcasting with Flash at low resolutions (320×240 or 460×360) but even though the quality might not be good enough.

Broadcast on Flash or OBS at medium resolutions (640×480 or 800×600).

Allows broadcasting in HD resolutions (1280×720 HD or higher) with both Flash and OBS.


Intel® Core™ i3

Intel® Core™ i5

Intel® Core™ i7





Graphics Adapter



Integrated (Intel) or Dedicated (nVidia)

Internet Connection

>1 Mbps Upload Speed

> 2 Mbps Upload Speed

>5 Mbps Upload Speed


To determine the speed of your Internet connection, access and then click GO. Check that you have good quality on both Download and Upload.


Important: The recommendations above are based on the assumption that you are only broadcasting on CAM4. If you broadcast on multiple sites simultaneously you will require a more powerful configuration and a superior internet connection. 


Did you try broadcasting with an external encoder? OBS is an external encoder that offers better performance than the Flash encoder. Try broadcasting in OBS – you will see the difference in the quality of your video stream.  For more info, see you need any assistance with OBS configuration or guidance for broadcasting with external encoder, feel free to contact CAM4 Support.


Is your audio lagging? If you are using a USB webcam, make sure your audio source is set to the USB webcam in your Flash settings, and that you are using the latest drivers.


What version of Flash are you using? Make sure that your Flash Player is upgraded to the latest version. When the browser asks you to upgrade Flash, just do it. See for determining which Flash Player version you currently have and for how to upgrade to the latest version. Flash Player is pre-installed on Google Chrome and updates automatically.

Cam2Cam – Broadcaster FAQ

Do I earn more tokens by using Cam2Cam?

Cam2Cam is a free feature – there is no added token cost for enabling Cam2Cam.

However, like all features on Cam4, you may decide on your own token price in the form of a tip or Cam4 Gift as a cost to accept Cam2Cam requests from viewers.

Cam2Cam may also earn you more tokens by keeping viewers engaged in your Private Shows, which earn you tokens per minute.

How do I enable Cam2Cam for my Private Shows?

Cam2Cam requests are enabled by default in your Private Show Settings.

cam2cam settings


To disable or re-enable Cam2Cam, uncheck the box in Private Show Settings.

What can spies see during a Cam2Cam Private Show?

During a Cam2Cam Private Show, your spies can still see your video, but cannot see the video of your Cam2Cam viewer.

Spies cannot hear audio for either you or your viewer.

How do I accept Cam2Cam requests?

If you have Cam2Cam enabled, viewers will be able to make Cam2Cam Private Show Requests in the same way normal Private Show Requests are made.

Pending Request

The pop up for the Private Show Request will specify whether Cam2Cam has been requested.

Cam2Cam Popup


 Viewers may also request Cam2Cam mode during a regular Private Show. You will receive a new request notification in this case.

Cam2Cam Request

After clicking accept, Cam2Cam mode will begin.

Can I use Cam2Cam in Private Cam Mode?

Cam2Cam is restricted to Private Shows currently, but will be expanded to Private Cam Mode in the future!

What Is Cam4 Twitter Connect?

CAM4’s Twitter Connect feature allows performers to live-tweet while they broadcast, making promoting their shows and getting more viewers easier than ever!

After integrating your Twitter account into Twitter Connect, you can tweet right from the broadcast window during a show – promoting your show to all of your fans and followers. 

Connect your Twitter to Cam4 today and make sure none of your followers are missing out! 

Do I need a Twitter account for Twitter Connect?

 Yes. In order to use Cam4 Twitter Connect, you will need an existing Twitter Account. You may sign up for a new account here

Is there a limit to how many tweets I can send while performing?

 There is no limit to the number of tweets you can send while performing, but a tweet may only be sent once every 10 seconds.

 Does Cam4 keep my Twitter password?

 No. Twitter Connect lets you sign in on a secure window that connects directly to Twitter, without risking your account.

 How do I set up Twitter Connect?

 You can set up Twitter Connect from your account options or directly from the broadcast window.

 1. Account Options

First, sign in to your Cam4 account in the top right corner of the site.

 Click on My Account.

 In the Menu on the left, select Edit Social Networks.

 Under Social Sharing, click Connect & Share.

Social Networks

Sign into Twitter with your Twitter username and password in the secure window that opens.

You’re connected!

2. Broadcast Window

Video Detected


From the Broadcast Window, click Connect & Share.

Sign into Twitter with your Twitter username and password in the secure window that opens.

You’re connected!

How do I switch cams?

If you are a laptop user who wishes to use an external cam instead of the built in cam, or if you wish to use two cams to change view during your show please do the following

Right click where the video appears.
Click “Settings” on the menu that appears.
Click the “webcam” icon.
Select the cam you wish to use from the dropdown list.