Struggling to build an audience?

Just logged on and want to kickstart your show?

Now you can BOOST your room higher in the directory for just 25 tokens! The boost will last 5 minutes. If you have not added 10 unique viewers within that period the time will extend to a maximum of 30 minutes so you can gain those viewers and increase your rank once the boost period ends

How it Works: 

You will now notice the new BOOST button on your screen after starting a LIVE broadcast.

Boosted broadcasters will be evenly distributed among the top 25% of all cams based on their ranking against each other. So the lower your ranking the more positions you will gain using Boost

Click on the “Boost Now” button to start the feature.


It costs 25 tokens to BOOST yourself for a full 5 mins.

When you click on “Proceed” the cost of the BOOST will be deducted from your CAM4 account and your cam will be re-positioned on the directory page. 

What Happens when BOOST starts?

  1. You will see a message in your chat letting you know who purchased the boost.
  2. There is a bar on your broadcast window that will slowly fill up as the time runs out. 
  3. The BOOST button is now inactive, this means you cannot click on it. The text has also changed to read” Boost Active” and includes a count down. 

What Happens When the BOOST ends?


  1. The button will say “Boost” again become active enabling you to click on it again.
  2. You will see a message in the chat window that will tell you that the BOOST has ended and display how many viewers you gained during that BOOST.
  3. Your directory position will change, but not necessarily back to your original position – because your new position will reflect increases in your viewers due to the boost.

Viewers can BOOST you too!!

Viewers are always looking for ways to support their favorite broadcasters. Why not encourage them to use the Boost feature on you?  With their help, boosting can really make a difference in your performance and exposure on CAM4. 


Tipping games on C4Broadcaster

Tipping games are available when using the C4Broadcaster app on android devices!

  • What games are available in the app?
    Roll the dice, spin the wheel and token keno are all now available to be used.
  • How do I turn on the games?
    Tap the games icon from the list on the right, then choose the game you want to play!


  • Once you have made the selection, you will be able to set the prizes before pressing “start game” at the bottom of the screen to begin.


  • What is the games history button?
    When a game is running you’ll see this icon in the top left. Tap it and you’ll be able to review any activity in the game so you can remind yourself which prizes have been won if you missed the notification. Tap it again to return to the chat.



  • What is the clock icon under games history?
    If there is a clock icon that means someone has tipped to play the game, so it is on cooldown for 1 minute to allow time gor you to complete that prize. Once the timer runs out the game will resume. While the clock is active “game history” will be replaced by the name of the person playing the game and the result.
  • How do I stop the game?
    Tap the games icon again, and choose “End game”.
  • Can I edit the prizes while the game is active?
    No, you must end the game first.


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C4 Broadcaster

We hope you’re enjoying using our C4 broadcasting app. If this is your first time or you just need a refresher you may find it useful to go over the main functions of the app. More settings such as microphone controls and private show settings are available by swiping from the right edge of the screen.

  1. Tap this to bring up the edit goal field, where you can set your token goal and status message.
  2. This is the number of tokens received during the current broadcast. Tap this to bring up the leader-board.
  3. This is the current viewer count. Tap it to bring up the list of logged-in viewers
  4. The record button, tap this to record a video from the broadcast. Later you can upload the recording to your “my shop”!
  5. Red and live indicates the broadcast is active. Tap this to end the broadcast. If the broadcast is not active it will be grey and read “offline” instead.
  6. If a game is active this is where your game activity and information is. Tap the dice icon to bring up the game history.
  7. Camera switch. Use this to change between the front and back cameras
  8. Orientation switch. Press this to swap between landscape and portrait modes.
  9. Face masks and filters
  10. Game center. If a game is active the icon will be red. Press here to start a game, change the game settings, or to end the current game.
  11. Private show requests will appear here, in the center of the screen.
  12. The username of the person chatting. Press here to open a private conversation. Long press to bring up the moderation tools (which we have done here). You can use these to ban, kick or silence people in your room. Note the gold background indicating he is a gold member and the token icon indicating he has some tokens.
  13. Usually, this is where the chat message is displayed. Because we have long pressed the message the moderation tools appear. Pressing the X on the right will return us to the chat message.
  14. These are active conversations. The purple one on the left is public chat. The one with a username and avatar is a private chat with that member. To swap between them tap the relevant conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off my microphone?

Swipe from the right of the screen to open the menu, then turn the microphone toggle off. If the option is not present then unfortunately it is not possible for your device.

Why can’t I see certain options on my phone?

Some options such as face masks or the microphone toggle may be unavailable on some devices due to technical limitations from the manufacturer.

Can I connect my toy to C4 Broadcaster?

No, it is not currently possible to connect any devices such as live touch or Lovense toys to C4 Broadcaster

Can I set a moderator from C4 Broadcaster?

Moderators cannot be set or removed using C4 Broadcaster.

Can I set a password for my room?

No, password-protected private rooms are not yet available on C4 Broadcaster

Why am I getting the message “Disconnecting due to poor network connection”?

The speed may be too low, or your phone’s connection may have dropped. If you are seeing this a lot, please contact

Why am I getting the message “The server cannot be reached”?

This could be an issue with network equipment, or your provider restricting access to adult content. If you can reach other adult websites on the same connection please contact with your connection information and IP address so we can investigate further.

Why is my camera so dark?
If you find your camera is too dark please open the menu by swiping from the right and toggle the “increase camera brightness” option.

Private Shows

Private shows are available when using the app to broadcast! You can change the settings by opening the menu by swiping from the right and making your choices from the options under the “Private shows” heading.


Fixed time private shows and cam2cam are not currently available.

When someone requests a private show you’ll receive a popup in the middle of your screen with options to accept or decline the show. You’ll also see information such as their username, the number of tokens they currently hold, and their gold status to help you make an informed decision. Tap the red cross to decline the show, or tap the green tick to accept the show and immediately go private. If you are not yet ready to take the private show you can tap the grey clock icon to suspend the request. You have 2 minutes to accept or decline the private show after it has been requested .


When the show is underway you’ll see a timer in the top left with a “stop” button. Tap the stop button at any time to end the show.



Once the show has ended you’ll see a receipt, letting you know how many tokens you earned for the private show!

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SFW (safe-for-work) Galleries

Some countries and states are now requiring adult sites to offer a non-explicit version of the site to viewers till they are age verified. Having images in this gallery will ensure that you show up on all versions of CAM4!

What is considered an SFW (safe-for-work) image?

Images in your SFW Gallery should be without nudity which means no photos of genital’s or sexual acts (real or simulated). Breasts and nipples are permitted.

How do I use the SFW Gallery

1. Go to My Account
2. Choose Galleries
3. Choose SFW Gallery


4. You can upload up to 10 images to this gallery


Please note:

  • Only use images to which you own the copyright.
  • Do not include images showing others who are not approved on your account.
  • No pictures of children.
  • No images of weaponry or violence.

Cam4: Twitter Terms Of Service update


Guidelines For Broadcasters

Twitter is updating its Terms of Service, effective January 1st, 2020.
The update will affect the type of Adult Content users can tweet. Adult Content includes many things, including nudity (part or full) and sex (real or simulated).
Here is what you need to know to keep your Twitter account from being suspended:
  • Links to CAM4 and your CAM4 Profile
  • Posts, shares or live video, that don’t feature Adult Content
  • Links to photos or videos of Adult Content hosted on other sites
NOT Allowed?
  • Photos or videos featuring Adult Content included directly in tweets
  • Pictures or videos featuring BDSM
  • Pictures or videos featuring bodily fluids such as semen
For more information, you can read the full guidelines at

Chat Settings

You are able to customize your chat experience using your chat settings. These can be found by clicking the small cogwheel in the top right corner of your broadcast window as below:

The chat settings offer you the following options

  1. Font Size: This gives you five options ranging from very small to very large to view the chat comfortably
  2. Mute Private Show notification sound: This option can be used to turn off the sound notifications you receive when a private show request is made
  3. Disable Chat for other Broadcasters: This can be used to prevent other broadcasters from chatting in your room.
  4. Disable Private Chat: If you prefer not to receive private messages during a show please select this option.
  5. Use Chat Filters:

    This option, in particular, enables you to restrict access to your room to specific groups of people

    • Users that speak my language
    • Only Friends & Favorites
    • Only users with Tokens
  6. Chat Translator. Translate chat messages into your own language with the option to also show the message in its original language

Lovense dynamic menu – Tips and Tricks

Bots are included in this extension. They are intended to announce Highest tipper, King tipper and auto-reply when you receive tips. you can configure this in the section called  Chatroom Notifications 

These bots can be customized. You can change the text and the rhythm of publication in your chat.

You can use these messages to promote your Fanclub, your video store or your social networks!

By setting them up in the  Send toy response Notification, you and your moderator will be freed from this repetitive task. You can devote yourself entirely to your fans!

We also advise you to disable the first item called send normal rules & special commands. The messages generated by this robot are invasive and you may miss messages from your fans. It is better to personalize the answers to automatically follow the vibrations, to make them unique, funny and sexy. You’ll find it in the last section called auto-reply 

Go to Chatroom Notifications and See below, on the example, how this can be set.


Please Note: If you experience any issues with this Extension, please contact Lovense at

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How to install and set up Lovense dynamic menu

LOVENSE SMARTCAM software will make your live stream more visual by adding an interactive menu to your broadcast screen!
The advantages in using the Lovense SmartCam are

  • Your viewers will see how long the toy vibrates, the intensity level and the tip amount required to make it vibrate.
  • Shows your top 3 tippers.
  • 2 interactive games, Keno and Dice


Download the package containing all the up-to-date tools and software at this link:

This package contains

  • LOVENSE SMARTCAM (the only tool you need to run your dynamic menu). You can uncheck any tools/software you won’t need.

Important: If you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser you must be using LOVENSE EXTENSION UPDATE version 23.0.5

Installing the Complete Package

Start LOVENSE SMARTCAM, and choose your default webcam as a video source:


Connect your Lovense browser and turn on the connected toy. Click on the pink button (your extension), then on “Settings” as below



Next activate and configure your LOVENSE SMARTCAM source in the extension settings, as well as the games.

You should now be on this page:



As you can see, the configuration of your extension is divided into 3 parts:

RULES (your vibrations levels), VIDEO FEEDBACK (video feedback), CHATROOM NOTIFICATION (your notification bots)

Let’s start by activating the link with LOVENSE SMARTCAM:

Click the Video Feedback button, then check the “Connect  to Lovense SmartCam” button



This action is confirmed  by the message “connected”

If your vibration levels are well configured, then your dynamic menu already appears on your LOVENSE SMARTCAM software like this:



Finally, you can customize this dynamic menu by activating options like size, opacity, display/hide vibration levels, display special commands and show the top 3 tippers. You can also display personalized text such as your “goal menu”.



When you change a setting you must confirm by clicking the SAVE button to update the LOVENSE SMARTCAM software and also your live broadcast.

All you have to do now is activate the LOVENSE GAME (Dice or Keno games):

Click on Lovense App gallery as below:



Click the Activate button and go back to the Cam4 items listed below



Click on the gears in the “Dice Game” Apps category,  enter the vibration levels dedicated to the dice, then record the levels as shown below:



In the Video Feedback category, check “Dice  Game” as shown below:



Set the notification bot that matches this “Dice Game” in the Chatroom Notification category  by checking the associated boxes as below:



Start your “Dice Game” game  by clicking the “Start” button



You may review your settings by looking at the Lovense Smartcam software as it appears in your dynamic menu like this



When you’re ready to launch your broadcast remember you must choose the “Lovense Smartcam” video source as below:



Let users know you are playing these games by using the hashtags #lovensegames #lovensedice #lovenseKeno in the show description and in your goal as below:



Using the Lovense Smartcam software will let your customers experience a new way to enjoy your streams, making your show more interactive and entertaining.

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CAM4 Content Policy

We love performers and the experiences they create. As part of our commitment to helping performers create memorable, unique experiences, CAM4 is proud to feature the fact that we do not preemptively edit content with arbitrary limitations. Ours is truly a platform for the masses, with few limitations. While Broadcasters utilizing our platform are free to create the content they wish to create, we ask that all Broadcasters abide by the following few guidelines.


  • Children or minors cannot appear on cam. Even in non-nude, non-suggestive instances – a minor cannot pass the age verification and is not approved for broadcasting.
  • Child pornography (CP) in any form is an immediate ban and additional legal action.
  • CAM4 does not discriminate against performers who have children. Performers with children are not barred from broadcasting on CAM4 or being promoted on CAM4 social media.


  • Animals can appear on cam if they are not involved in any sexual capacity.
  • Bestiality is an immediate ban. A nude performer cannot interact with an animal in any way.


  • Rape, forced sex and other violence, simulated or otherwise, is not allowed on cam. Cutting is not allowed on cam.


  • Family members are not permitted to appear on the same cam. Incest, actual or simulated, is not permitted on cam.


  • In general, alcohol and tobacco are allowed on cam, but illegal drugs are not.
  • If a person on cam is visibly intoxicated, or passed out, the show will be closed immediately, a warning will be issued to the broadcaster and repeat offenders will be banned.

Body Functions

  • Urine is allowed on cam. However, being urinated on, or urinating on someone else, is not permitted.
  • Scat (poo) is not permitted on cam.
  • Vomit or vomiting are not permitted on cam.

Hateful Content

  • Content that promotes hatred or violence against individuals or groups based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, religion, sex, or nationality is not allowed.
  • Hate speech of any nature, nor symbols being used for hateful purposes, are not allowed. Be nice.


  • Advertising escort services is not allowed on CAM4.
  • Advertising other sites is not allowed.
  • Advertising personal sites is allowed, as long as that site does not feature cam shows for outside payment.
  • Advertising services for alternate payment methods is not allowed.

Prerecorded Shows

  • Prerecorded videos are not permitted. All broadcasts must be live.

Show Types

Outdoor Shows

  • Performers are encouraged to broadcast outdoors. Outdoor shows follow the same content guidelines and rules as regular broadcasts.
  • Like regular broadcasts, children or minors are not permitted on cam at any time.
  • Broadcasting from public locations is permitted, but strangers or anyone who is unaware they are on CAM4 may not be shown on cam.
  • Broadcasting from a car is permitted, but for safety reasons, the car must be parked. Buildings, traffic or advertisements are permitted in the background of broadcasts.
  • To avoid claims of invasion of privacy, CAM4 recommends that performers don’t broadcast from a height of more than 5’5” above ground.
  • Broadcasting from playgrounds, schools, hospitals, graveyards, or churches is not permitted.

Streaming Content (Games)

  • Performers are encouraged to stream video games or similar content, similar to Twitch.
  • Performers may stream content such as video games as long as they appear on cam as well.

Performers may:

  • Appear along with the screen in view of the webcam.
  • Appear in picture-in-picture while streaming the game to CAM4 using an External Encoder.

How to Use Our New Ranking System

We wish we could have all of your shows on the homepage – so how can you keep your ranking up or improve it with these changes?

Get Technical

Broadcast regularly and be engaging with your viewers

  • Schedule your shows and be consistent with the times spent on cam
  • More frequent shows that people tip in will help you rank higher on the homepage
  • Enable chat tipping games (Roll the Dice, Spin the Wheel, Token Keno)
  • Give viewers something to talk about by using toys and props
  • Change your camera angles and/or use multiple webcams at once
  • Get creative with your broadcasts in numerous ways: using OBS, themes, outfits, different locations, and backgrounds

Please see  for more performer tips, tricks, and training modules.