Chat Settings

You are able to customize your chat experience using your chat settings. These can be found by clicking the small cogwheel in the top right corner of your broadcast window as below:


The chat settings offer you the following options

Chat Settings Overlay

  1. Font Size: This gives you five options ranging from very small to very large to view the chat comfortably
  2. Mute Private Show notification sound: This option can be used to turn off the sound notifications you receive when a private show request is made
  3. Show avatars in chat: This can be used to remove avatars within the chat, this can be helpful on smaller screens
  4. Disable Private Chat: If you prefer not to receive private messages during a show please select this option
  5. Turn off room invites: Blocks invitations to visit other rooms 
  6. Use Chat Filters: This option, in particular, enables you to restrict access to your room to specific groups of people 
    • Users that speak my language
    • Users with tokens
    • My Friends & Favorites
    • Gender (Female, Male, Transgender)
  7. Do not notify me when Gold users enter my room: This can be used to reduce the number of notifications received during a show