Maintaining your privacy

There are several things that you should take into account when camming.

Browsers: Keep one browser for camming, and use another for everything else to avoid confusion between performing and your personal life. If you choose to use one browser, another option is to create separate browser profiles for work and personal life.

Facebook and other social media: Create profiles in your broadcasting name; don’t give your real name, location, or any other personal information. Both Facebook and Twitter have features to share your location, make sure these are turned off. While these are all useful outlets for promoting your cam career, you may not necessarily want this to overlap with your private life.

Family and friends: In addition to creating separate profiles above, please use the site blocking feature which allows you to block up to three countries/states from viewing your cam. Details on adding a block can be found here

Email: Create an email account for your broadcaster profiles, use this for the site, social media profiles, and signups for IDs on personal messaging apps. Keep your personal address separate.

Getting your own domain: This is also an excellent promotional tool. If you choose to sign up for your own domain, please make sure that you also purchase the domain privacy protection offered by your registrar. If you do not complete this step, a public search of the domain record will reveal your real name and address.

Wish lists: An incorrect wish list setup can reveal your name and address to anyone purchasing from that list. If it is not possible to ensure this won’t be revealed in the setup of that wish list, you should only request gift certificates which can be delivered by email. Again, keep your personal accounts separate from your broadcaster accounts to prevent mistakes. You can also consider renting a PO box if it is necessary to have a delivery address. Some even take a further step and rent a PO box outside of their own zip code.

Google alerts: Setup a Google alert at for your real name to see how often it is mentioned online as a safety measure. You can also set up an alert for your broadcasting name(s) to monitor the success of your promotional efforts.

Audio: Performing with sound is a good thing to maximize your tips but be careful if you receive a phone call during your show. Please either mute your microphone or take the call to another room to prevent everyone in your room from listening in to the call.

Background: Please be aware of your background. Power outlets, wall clocks, and sunset or sunrise are all to be considered when trying to maintain your privacy.  Audible television or radios should also be turned off or the volume lowered as those too can reveal your location.

Camera angles: Having multiple camera angles during a broadcast is always an excellent way to keep your viewer’s attention.  However, please be aware to keep your keyboard, monitor, and any private documents out of view.