Cam2Cam – Broadcaster FAQ

Do I earn more tokens by using Cam2Cam?

Cam2Cam is a free feature – there is no added token cost for enabling Cam2Cam.

However, like all features on Cam4, you may decide on your own token price in the form of a tip or Cam4 Gift as a cost to accept Cam2Cam requests from viewers.

Cam2Cam may also earn you more tokens by keeping viewers engaged in your Private Shows, which earn you tokens per minute.

How do I enable Cam2Cam for my Private Shows?

Cam2Cam requests are enabled by default in your Private Show Settings.

cam2cam settings


To disable or re-enable Cam2Cam, uncheck the box in Private Show Settings.

What can spies see during a Cam2Cam Private Show?

During a Cam2Cam Private Show, your spies can still see your video, but cannot see the video of your Cam2Cam viewer.

Spies cannot hear audio for either you or your viewer.

How do I accept Cam2Cam requests?

If you have Cam2Cam enabled, viewers will be able to make Cam2Cam Private Show Requests in the same way normal Private Show Requests are made.

Pending Request

The pop up for the Private Show Request will specify whether Cam2Cam has been requested.

Cam2Cam Popup


 Viewers may also request Cam2Cam mode during a regular Private Show. You will receive a new request notification in this case.

Cam2Cam Request

After clicking accept, Cam2Cam mode will begin.

Can I use Cam2Cam in Private Cam Mode?

Cam2Cam is restricted to Private Shows currently, but will be expanded to Private Cam Mode in the future!

Cam2Cam – Viewer FAQ

What is Cam2Cam?

Cam2Cam lets you interact with broadcasters on a whole new level – live on cam.

Request a Cam2Cam Private Show to experience live video chat with your favorite broadcaster in the privacy and safety of a Cam4 Private Show.

Cam2Cam Private Shows include full audio and video, so broadcasters can see and hear you just as well as you can see and hear them!

What does Cam2Cam cost?

Cam2Cam is a free feature – there is no additional token cost for enabling Cam2Cam during a Private Show.

Private Shows cost tokens per minute, at a rate decided by the broadcaster.

Who can see me on Cam2Cam?

Only the broadcaster that you request a Cam2Cam Private Show with can see you.

Can Private Show Spies see me while on Cam2Cam?

No. Spies will still be able to see the broadcaster, but only the broadcaster can see you.

How do I request a Cam2Cam Private Show?

You may select the checkbox for Cam2Cam when you request a Private Show with a broadcaster, if the broadcaster has Cam2Cam requests enabled.

Private Request Cam2Cam

You can also request Cam2Cam mode during a regular Private Show at any time by clicking the Cam2Cam button below the broadcast window.

Cam2Cam button

What do I need for Cam2Cam?

To broadcast yourself in a Cam2Cam Private Show you’ll need a webcam, updated Adobe Flash and (of course) an internet connection.