CAM4 Pornhub Channel

CAM4 has partnered with Pornhub and other tube sites to create a series of channels featuring edited recordings of content by CAM4 broadcasters.

Who will be featured on these channels?

Video content is purchased by CAM4 directly from you, the broadcaster. These broadcasters will be featured on these channels.

What do broadcasters get for being featured on these channels?

The goal of these channels is to help broadcasters grow their brand and their audience by showing edited previews of their shows to a wide audience outside of CAM4. If your video is featured on an official CAM4 channel, your CAM4 username will be clearly stated and linked, bringing more viewers and earnings to your live shows!

How do I give permission to have my content featured?

Just reach out to your regional manager or at

Can my content be removed if I change my mind?

Absolutely. If at any time you want your content removed from a CAM4 channel, just send us a message and we will have it removed.

How much does it pay?

It depends on the content! There are specific criteria that must be met to make the most money possible.

Will CAM4 keep the recordings?

The file sizes of the original content are huge and as result, so the original recordings will be deleted. The final videos we upload will all be stored in our secure database.

Who gets the ad revenue?

Ad revenue is not the goal of this partnership with these sites – our goal is to drive traffic back to your profiles.

Can you tag my Pornhub profile or my Pornstar profile?

Absolutely. By tagging your profiles, your reputation will be increased even further, and more viewers will be able to find your page and your live shows. Don’t have a profile? We will work with you to add you to the database!

We highly recommend you ask about creating a profile page because it can allow you to make additional revenue as well as have more control over what content can be seen and where.

Please contact your Regional manager or for more details on rates and other FAQs