Cam4 gifts

Cam4 Gifts are virtual presents that can be purchased by members and sent to broadcasters as a more fun and personal alternative to tipping. Each gift has an attached token value that is added to your token balance when you receive a gift – receiving a cute Message in a Bottle is the same as receiving a 100-token tip, for example:

Your gifts are displayed within a virtual Gift Showcase located on your Cam4 profile page. Here, members can view all your gifts – maybe to see the gifts they have sent you on display, or to see how big of a gift they’ll need to send you to stand out!

Members can choose gifts that suit their favorite broadcasters from the wide selection available in the Cam4 Gift Marketplace, making tipping feel more personal and intimate. When sending a Cam4 gift, you have the option to send it anonymously or include your Cam4 name.

To send a Cam4 gift, go to the profile page of the performer you wish to give a gift.  Scroll to their Gifts Showcase area and click the circular plus icon. This will display the Cam4 Marketplace, from which you can choose the gift you’d like to send. You’ll be able to choose from a large variety of Cam4 gifts, all sortable by category, theme, or price.

Gold members are given a free exclusive Star gift each month which can be sent to a favorite broadcaster. These star gifts are simply nice gestures and have no token value.


What happens when I receive a gift?
Gifts are sent along with a personal message and a token value, which will be added to your token balance. The gift will be displayed, along with the name of the sender and the date sent, on your profile page.

Where are gifts displayed on my profile page?
Gifts are displayed in a virtual display case in a new section of your profile, “My Gifts”. Members can view your gifts and send you new gifts from this section.

How long will the gifts I receive be displayed on my profile page?
Gifts are displayed for 30 days.

Will receiving gifts from viewers result in receiving fewer tokens?
No! Each gift has a token value that you earn when you receive the gift, making gifting a fun alternative to sending tokens.