My Browser is blocking Flash (Google Chrome)

Due to recent changes you may find your browser is blocking Flash from running when you try to broadcast. You will see the screen below in Google Chrome


Please click on the blocked plug in icon to the top right of the window



This will open a notification which allows you to manage your Flash settings



Please click on manage to change your Flash settings, you will see the screen below



Click the slider to the right of Block sites from running Flash (recommended) and you will see it change from Block to Ask First



Once this is completed, please click the padlock to the left of the address bar as below


From the menu that appears choose the option you prefer

  • Ask – This will request permission for Flash to access your cam and microphone each time you start a broadcast
  • Allow – This will allow Flash access to your cam and microphone until you change the option
  • Block – This will block Flash from accessing your cam and microphone until the option is changed