Studios – Creating a Master account

What is a Master Account?

A Master account is the main account of a studio. This account should only be accessed by the Owner of the studio and is the only account that can request payment from the studio.This account cannot broadcast and the profile is hidden from public view.

How Do I Create a Master?

Go to to register.


NOTE: Your Studio name and user name are not required to be the same.

What Information is Needed for a Master?

Once you click “Create Account” a verification email will be sent to you.



Click “Verify Your Account” and it will return you to the website with this message:



Clicking “Get Started” will take you to the next step of uploading your government-issued photo identification.



Make sure you enter your full name as it appears on your identification and don’t forget to tick the box



Click “Next” to be taken to “Live Snapshot”. This is required so the approval team can compare the identification to the screen cap taken. Click on the “Start Camera”. When you are happy with the photo click “Capture”.



You do have the opportunity to redo your photo if you’re not happy with it.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you will see:



Once approved, you will receive the following email. NOTE: Approvals generally take less than 24 hours, but can take a bit longer depending on volume.



Click “Manage Your Studio” in the email received and you will be taken to your Studio Dashboard.