What is Roll The Dice?

Roll the dice is a tipping game that can be enabled during broadcasts.  Performers add rewards to the 6 sides of a die, and viewers pay tokens to roll!




1. Who can enable roll the dice?

Any performer can enable the game while broadcasting from a desktop or laptop.


2. Does Roll the Dice contribute to the performer’s goal?

Yes. All tokens spent on Roll the Dice rolls contribute to the tip goal.


3. How much does a roll cost?

Rolling the die costs 25 or 50 tokens.


4. Why is there a timer?

There is a 1 minute timer after rolls to allow time for the performer to give the reward that was won. If they don’t need that much time, performers can reset the timer.


5. How do I enable Roll the Dice on my broadcast?

To enable Roll the Dice on a broadcast, click the Game Center button on your broadcast window. Aquí puedes encontrar información más detallada

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