Skype Billing (Viewers)

What Is Skype Billing?
Skype Billing allows you to safely and securely use CAM4 tokens to pay for private shows using Skype.
How does it work?
After login in please go to the Payment and Subscriptions section in My Account and follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Enter your Skype username to link your accounts
2. Enable ‘Skype Billing’ once your account is connected
3. Ensure your account has Tokens, then message the Broadcaster on Skype and enjoy!
Important Notes
  • Make sure you always call the broadcaster. To prevent unwanted charges, viewers must start the Skype call in order for Skype Billing to start.
  • Look for “STARTING BILLING WITH A PRICE OF [TOKEN AMOUNT] TOKENS PER MINUTE. FIRST BILLING IS FOR 65 SECONDS.” at the start of your show. This message means that Skype Billing is working correctly.
  • Skype Billing doesn’t work for group shows as there would be more than two Skype accounts on the same call
  • Make sure to add the broadcaster to your Skype contact list. Skype Billing doesn’t work if the viewer and broadcaster are not in each other’s contact lists.
  • You can send additional tokens during Skype Shows by using the special command !tip [TOKEN AMOUNT] (For example !tip 10 will send 10 tokens).
  • Skype Billing is useful if you prefer to use Skype, but CAM4 does not take responsibility for fraud or misuse that happens away from our platform. The safest private show is still on CAM4!

Are you a broadcaster? Click here to see the Broadcaster FAQ