Skype Billing FAQ (Broadcasters)

What is Skype Billing?
Skype Billing allows you to safely and securely charge a user CAM4 tokens for private shows using Skype.
Why set up Skype Billing?
  • Reliability – CAM4 tokens are automatically transferred to your CAM4 account every minute during a Skype Show, based on your agreed-upon rates. This way, you can be sure you will receive your tokens – just like a regular CAM4 private show.
  • Convenience – Once you’ve set up Skype Billing, you can use it to earn tokens on any device you choose – like your laptop, phone or tablet – from anywhere in the world. CAM4 users will be able to contact you directly on Skype by going to your profile.
  • Flexibility – Skype Billing allows for special tips in addition to your per- minute rate. Viewers can use the command: !tip [TOKEN AMOUNT] for example. !tip 10 on Skype to send you extra tokens.
  • Security – Your security is always important to us. Using Skype Billing through CAM4 lets you get paid for Skype shows without having to give personal information – such as your address or bank account – to your viewers.
  • Privacy – Your calls are still totally private! CAM4 only tracks information such as the start and end of the call to make sure your tokens are earned accurately. We don’t monitor the calls or store any other information about your conversations, contact lists or account info.
How it works

After login in please go to the Skype Billing section accessible in the Broadcaster Dashboard and follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Enter your Skype Username and Skype Password to connect your Skype account to CAM4
2. Enable Skype Billing, set a price and we’ll let users know they can chat with you via Skype
3. End the call and check the balance in your earnings section
Important Notes
  • Make sure the viewer always calls you. To prevent chargebacks, viewers must start the Skype call in order for Skype Billing to start.
  • Please note that after connecting your account as a Broadcaster it will also be connected automatically as a viewer in the Payment and Subscriptions section from My Account and you will be billed for any Skype calls you make to another Broadcaster that has Skype Billing enabled. To avoid this situation you can go to the Payment and Subscriptions section and disable ‘Allow my Skype Account to access my CAM4 Token balance for Skype calls’.
  • Look for “STARTING BILLING WITH A PRICE OF [TOKEN AMOUNT] TOKENS PER MINUTE. FIRST BILLING IS FOR 65 SECONDS.” at the start of your show. This message means that Skype Billing is working correctly.
  • Skype Billing doesn’t work for group shows as there would be more than two Skype accounts on the same call.
  • Make sure to add the viewer to your Skype contact list. Skype Billing doesn’t work if the viewer and broadcaster are not in each other’s contact lists.
  • Skype Billing is useful if you prefer to use Skype, but CAM4 does not take responsibility for fraud or misuse that happens away from our platform. The safest private show is still on CAM4!

Are you a viewer? Click here to see the Viewer FAQ