How Do I Improve My Broadcast Quality?

If you are noticing that the image quality of your broadcast is poor or if your viewers are complaining about choppiness, lag or blur the following tips may improve your stream.


Which browser are you using? CAM4 recommends that you broadcast in GoogleChrome. Mozilla Firefox and Safari are also good options.


Are you using a WIFI connection? Stay close to the router to make sure you have maximum WIFI signal or try connecting your computer to your router using a network cable.


Is your laptop plugged-in? If you are broadcasting from a laptop make sure it is plugged into the power source. While running on battery, the performance decreases considerably.


Are you running other applications? It is recommended to close all unnecessary programs while broadcasting. These utilize computer as well as Internet resources and this affects the quality of your broadcast.


Do you use the Auto resolution? It is recommended to choose Auto in the resolutions list when you start the broadcast so that CAM4 may automatically choose the best settings suited for your computer configuration.


Do you have a good webcam? USB external cameras are in general better than integrated cameras. It is recommended to use an HD and high frame-rate camera.


Do you have a bright room? Make sure you have enough light in room you broadcast from to avoid blur in you show.


How fast is your computer? Make sure that you have the right computer configuration for the video quality that you expect. See our recommendations bellow.



Minimum Configuration

Medium Configuration



Suitable for

Broadcasting with Flash at low resolutions (320×240 or 460×360) but even though the quality might not be good enough.

Broadcast on Flash or OBS at medium resolutions (640×480 or 800×600).

Allows broadcasting in HD resolutions (1280×720 HD or higher) with both Flash and OBS.


Intel® Core™ i3

Intel® Core™ i5

Intel® Core™ i7





Graphics Adapter



Integrated (Intel) or Dedicated (nVidia)

Internet Connection

>1 Mbps Upload Speed

> 2 Mbps Upload Speed

>5 Mbps Upload Speed


To determine the speed of your Internet connection, access and then click GO. Check that you have good quality on both Download and Upload.


Important: The recommendations above are based on the assumption that you are only broadcasting on CAM4. If you broadcast on multiple sites simultaneously you will require a more powerful configuration and a superior internet connection. 


Did you try broadcasting with an external encoder? OBS is an external encoder that offers better performance than the Flash encoder. Try broadcasting in OBS – you will see the difference in the quality of your video stream.  For more info, see you need any assistance with OBS configuration or guidance for broadcasting with external encoder, feel free to contact CAM4 Support.


Is your audio lagging? If you are using a USB webcam, make sure your audio source is set to the USB webcam in your Flash settings, and that you are using the latest drivers.


What version of Flash are you using? Make sure that your Flash Player is upgraded to the latest version. When the browser asks you to upgrade Flash, just do it. See for determining which Flash Player version you currently have and for how to upgrade to the latest version. Flash Player is pre-installed on Google Chrome and updates automatically.