CAM4 Private Shows

1. What is a Cam4 Private Show?

 CAM4 Private Shows let you get a much more individual and exclusive experience from performer broadcasts, a personal show featuring a private chat that only you and the performer can see.

2. What is a Spy Show?

 While a performer is in a Private Show with another viewer, you may tune in to watch the broadcast as a spy. Spies may watch the entire broadcast, but cannot see or participate in the chat. While watching a Private Show as a Spy, you will continue to see the Public chat.

3. Does the room close if the performer accepts a Private Show request?

No. When a Private Show starts you may stay in the room and chat with other viewers while you wait for a Private Show to finish, peek in on the Private Show as a spy, or find other broadcasts while you wait. Remember that the Gold Membership allows multiple broadcasts at once!

4. Does the performer come back after the Private Show ends?

Yes. When a Private Show ends the performer returns to the public broadcast to continue the show.

5. Am I still charged if there is a disconnection during a Private Show?

Billing ends if a show is disconnected. You will only be charged for the time spent in the Private Show prior to the disconnection.

6. What if the Performer does not do what I requested?

Please remember that tips do not change the rules for what performers are allowed to do on the Site. If a performer promised something in exchange for a Private Show and does not deliver on that promise, contact Customer Service

7. Do all performers have Private Shows?

No, some performers may have Private Shows disabled.

8. Do all performers allow Spy Shows?

No, some performers may not allow spies during Private Shows.

9. What happens to the goals that were active before the Private Show started?

Goals remain in place during Private Shows and continue from where they left off when the performer returns – so tokens tipped toward goals before a Private Show begins aren’t wasted!

10. How can I tell if a performer is in a Private Show?

Performers currently in Private Shows have a key icon over their directory thumbnail and a notification over their broadcast window. If you join a broadcast while the performer is in a Private Show you can wait for it to finish or watch the Private Show as a spy.

11. Is there a minimum token balance required to start a Private Show?

Yes, you will need a minimum token balance of 48 tokens to begin a Private Show, though the show may cost less than that, based on length.

12. How do I request a Private Show?

A Private Show can be requested by clicking the Request Private Show button found on the toolbar below the broadcast window.

13. How much do Private Shows cost?

Private Shows have variable prices at the models discretion

12 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy

18 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy

24 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy * (default)

24 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy

30 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy

30 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy

14. How am I billed for Private Shows?

Private Shows are billed two minutes in advance. Once the show ends, unused tokens are returned to your account.

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