Broadcasting Rules

We love performers and the experiences they create. As part of our commitment to helping performers create memorable, unique experiences, CAM4 is proud to feature fewer limits than other cam sites. Performers are free to create the content they wish to create, with respect to the following few guidelines.

Please note that CAM4 is the sole arbiter of what meets these guidelines, and any actions will be made at their discretion.



  • Children or minors cannot appear on cam. Even in non-nude, non-suggestive instances – a minor cannot pass the age verification and is not approved for broadcasting.
  • Child pornography (CP) in any form is an immediate ban and additional legal action.

CAM4 does not discriminate against performers who have children. Performers with children are not barred from broadcasting on CAM4 or being promoted on CAM4 social media.


Animals can appear on cam if they are not involved in any sexual capacity.

Bestiality is an immediate ban. A nude performer cannot interact with an animal in any way.


Rape, forced sex and other violence, simulated or otherwise, is not allowed on cam. Cutting is not allowed on cam.


Family members are not permitted to appear on the same cam. Incest, actual or simulated, is not permitted on cam.


  • In general, alcohol and tobacco are allowed on cam, but illegal drugs are not.
  • If a person on cam is visibly intoxicated, or passed out, the show will be closed immediately, a warning will be issued to the broadcaster and repeat offenders will be banned.

Body Functions

  • Urine is allowed on cam. However, being urinated on, or urinating on someone else, is not permitted.
  • Scat (poo) is not permitted on cam.
  • Vomit or vomiting are not permitted on cam.
  • Naturally occurring blood, such as menstrual blood, is allowed on cam. However, it may not be featured or manipulated as part of a cam show.
  • Fake blood is allowed on cam in the context of Halloween costumes or other cosplay, at the discretion of CAM4.

Hate and Race

Racial slurs are not allowed.

Hate speech of any nature is not allowed.

CAM4 will be the sole arbiter of what is hate speech, including racial slurs or prejudicial commentary based on race. Be nice.


  • Advertising escort services is not allowed on CAM4. Advertising other sites is not allowed.
  • Advertising personal sites is allowed, as long as that site does not feature cam shows for outside payment.
  • Advertising services for alternate payment methods is not allowed.

Pre-recorded Shows

Prerecorded videos are not permitted. All broadcasts must be live.

Show Types

Outdoor Shows

  • Performers are encouraged to broadcast outdoors. Outdoor shows follow the same content guidelines and rules as regular broadcasts.
  • Like regular broadcasts, children or minors are not permitted on cam at any time.
  • Broadcasting from public locations is permitted, but strangers or anyone who is unaware they are on CAM4 may not be shown on cam.
  • Broadcasting from a car is permitted, but for safety reasons, the car must be parked. Buildings, traffic or advertisements are permitted in the background of broadcasts.
  • To avoid claims of invasion of privacy, CAM4 recommends that performers don’t broadcast from a height of more than 5’5” above ground.
  • Broadcasting from playgrounds, schools, graveyards or churches is not permitted.

Streaming Content (Games)

Performers are encouraged to stream video games or similar content, similar to Twitch.

Performers may stream content such as video games as long as they appear on cam as well. Performers may:

  • Appear along with the screen in view of the webcam.
  • Appear in picture-in-picture while streaming the game to CAM4 using an External Encoder.


  • Promises made in return for tips should be followed through.
  • When doing a private show do not delay starting the show or request more than the agreed price, this will just lead to refund requests from unhappy viewers
  • Performers who deliberately “scam” members will be banned from the website
  • Any attempt at fraud will result in a permanent ban, without payment.
  • Obtaining other members login information or logging into other accounts is not permitted. This will result in a permanent ban. Please do not share your own login information with anyone else.

Please report any suspicious activity on account to

*Cam4 reserves the right to decide whether Content, chat or any User-Generated Content complies with these Terms and it will be the Site Administrator’s decision whether to remove content or terminate an account, in his or her irrefutable and sole discretion.